2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters

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2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM
2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

How can it already almost be 2019? Wasn’t I going to accomplish more things, crochet or knit more projects, get all those designs on paper, be organized, and buy less yarn? (Haha, who are we kidding, we’ll never buy less yarn.) Well, if you’ve been feeling any of those things, you are not alone! I’ve been looking back at all of the things I thought I’d do, and wondering how I never had the time to get to them. That doesn’t mean that I can’t accomplish them in 2019 though!

Throughout this year I found myself not really feeling a secure direction with accomplishing my goals because I never wrote them down. I told myself countless times that I’d write those lofty goals I had down on paper so that I wouldn’t forget them, and that I’d plan things out around them. Did I do it? Nope! It’s gonna change this year though! Since I love to be organized, and because I love to design fun things, I decided to design a helpful printable to help myself and all of the other makers out there like yourself to keep our goals for this year in order.

2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

Introducing the 2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable! Made for makers, crocheters, knitters, and anyone crafty who wants to learn or get stuff done in 2019. It has 3 different sections to keep your goals organized ranging from techniques you want to learn, projects you want to make, and things you want to accomplish this year. There are even check boxes on the lists to mark off when you’ve completed a goal, cause who doesn’t like checking off something that’s done? I sure love to do it! It helps me feel like I’ve done something super important!

What type of goals would you write down though? When there are so many things out there to make it’s so hard to narrow things down to be able to focus on just a few items at a time. I’m here to help! I’ve written down some of my maker goals for each section to help you get a little jumpstart on your own. The goals I’ve listed below are for the crochet maker goals, but I’ve also created a form for knitter goals, and maker goals too if you’re not a crocheter.

2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

Section 1: Crochet Techniques and Stitches I Want to Learn

  1. Tapestry crochet/colorwork – Over this year I’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous color work that designers like Divine Debris and Whistle and Ivy create using the tapestry crochet technique! I only thought color work was something you could do in knitting, but I learned that is quite the contrary because there are some amazing designs out there. One of my goals for 2019 is to learn how to do it!
  2. Tunisian Crochet – This technique fascinates me of how it looks like knitting, but it’s crochet! Designers like TLYarncrafts have totally made me want to learn how to do it, and I’m determined to learn it this year.
  3. Cables – They’re not just for knitting! I’m not going to let cables scare me any longer and I’m going to learn them this year!

Want to learn some new techniques? Here are some of my favorite crochet techniques and stitch tutorial videos I’ve made!

Section 2: Crochet Projects I Want to Make or Design

  1. Velvet Wrap – I’m not going to give too many details on this design yet, hehe, but you will be seeing it come out in February. All I’ll say about it is bobbles + velvet yarn + blanket wrap = pure cozy bliss.
  2. I have so many different designers whose projects I want to make this year. One of my goals is to make at least 9 wearable items this year, whether that’s one of my own designs or one designed by another maker.
  3. I’d list more design ideas, but I want them to be a surprise for you all!

Section 3: Things I Want to Accomplish

  1. Get to 10,000 followers on Instagram by the end of 2019 – This goal is probably one of my biggest goals that I’m shooting for. It’s pretty scary to think of trying to reach that many people, to find a way to have them follow me, and to continue to create a welcome maker community for anyone who wants to be a part of it. I don’t know if I can finish this goal, but I sure am going to try!
  2. Submit a pattern to a magazine – There are so many amazing crochet magazines out there that publish beautiful patterns every month. I would love to be one of the published designers in one of those magazines! One of my goals this year is to submit to at least one crochet magazine, even if I don’t get published I still want to at least try to do it.
2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

I hope this printable proves to be helpful to you! I’m looking forward to have it hung up above my desk so I’m always able to keep focusing on my goals for myself this year. If you’d like to share your goals with the rest of the Makery, follow me on Instagram @eclairemakery or join my Facebook group!

Have a wonderful New Year!


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2019 Maker Goals FREE Printable for Crocheters & Knitters by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM