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Blog Feature Maker Call!

Are you a maker who has been trying to get their name out there, but just feels like they never quite know how to do it? You want to share you designs with the world, but don’t have a blog or can’t find the right place to share them? Guess what? I want to feature you! I want to help you get your designs out there so that you can continue to grow as a maker and become the design star that you’ve always wanted.

When I was first starting out, I had no idea how I was going to get my designs out there with only 200 or so followers. How could I, a small time starting out designer be able to get out there and live my dream of sharing my crochet designs with other makers. Then I came upon The Hook Nook Maker Call for the fall of last year. They didn’t care what kind of following you had, they wanted to feature any designer who wanted to get their name out there. So I decided to go for it! To my great surprise I was able to be featured! It was such an amazing feeling.

Summer Pillow Cover by guest designer Desamour Designs.

Since doing that first guest post on The Hook Nook Blog, I’ve been able to do so many guest design posts. It helped open the door for me to work with Joy of Motion Crochet, Underground Crafter, Make and Do Crew, the Crochetpreneur, and a few more on The Hook Nook Blog.

Because I had that chance of being featured on all of those designers’ websites, I want to be able to do that for you. It’s so hard getting started as a designer, and I want to help you do it! I believe you can make your dreams of being a designer come true, so let’s jump start it by having you be featured on my blog, friend.

Guest designer Alex & Co. Handmade featured on the E’Claire Makery blog for her Everyday Boho Bag.

How does being a guest designer work?

If you’ve never done any guest posting before, you might be wondering how it works. Here on my blog, guest designers will be sharing free crochet patterns, tutorials, maker tips, and roundups. If it is a free crochet pattern, they will be designing a free pattern to be featured on my blog, and I will have the free pattern rights for two months. After that two months, you can feature it on your blog for free. The pattern will always be free here on my blog, but you get the free rights back to do whatever you want with them. However, as soon as the pattern releases, you can have that available in your shop for sale, so you can make a profit from it being here on my blog!


The amount of work for each posts depends on what it is. I will have a format for how I do my blog posts, which usually for patterns includes an intro to who you are, intro to the pattern, description of construction, the yarn used, and then the pattern itself. I’ll provide a sample blog post for you to see how I write mine! Tutorials, maker tips, and roundups will have a different structure. No matter what it is, there will be a format provided.

Penelope Pouch Free Crochet Bag Pattern on ECLAIREMAKERY.COM
Penelope Pouch by guest designer Twenty Four Threads.


Here on my blog, I like to provide the highest quality possible of content for my readers. All of my photos are high resolution photos to showcase the patterns and other posts with clear photos. If you’ve never heard of a high resolution photo, it is a photo with a high amount of pixels ranging from 3000-5000 pixels wide.


When it comes to what camera to use, I usually use my Canon camera to take all of my photos for my designs. That doesn’t mean that you have to use one in order to get the high resolution photos. If you have great quality of photos with your phone, you can use that too! I just need photos to be clear, have great natural light, and an uncluttered background to have the design stand out. If the photos aren’t the right quality, I will have to ask you to retake them. I want to make sure your design is shown to be at the very best!

Cactus Cluster Blanket Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket
Cluster Cactus C2C Blanket designed by guest designer Ashley from The Maker Brand Co.


Compensation for Posts

I am so excited that starting this year, I will be able to pay my guest designers! The amount you’ll be paid will depend on what type of content you create for my blog. Here is the general pay scale that I can offer per content type:

  • Garments = $50 per post
  • Accessories = $25-$50 per post
  • Amigurumi = $25 per post
  • Tutorial = $15-$20 per post
  • Maker Tips = $15-20 per post
  • Roundups = $15-20 per post


What Content am I looking for?

You might be wondering, “What can I contribute to the E’Claire Makery blog?” I’m looking for high quality patterns, tutorials, or maker tips to share here on my blog. I think everyone has their own unique thing to share with the maker community, and I want you to share yours!


When it comes to patterns, I’m looking for high quality garments, accessories, amigurumi, and home decor to feature here. I want to feature designers throughout the year, so I will be looking for a range of content to spread out across the seasons. I’d love to see some great garment patterns be able to be featured on here! What type of patterns you pick to apply with will also determine the pay scale that I will pay you for your feature. I will be doing $50 for garments and large home decor, and $25 for smaller projects like accessories and amigurumi. If your pattern idea changes, I am totally open to switching it! I just want the opportunity to work with you!

Some of my Favorite Patterns:


If you are more of a teacher versus a designer, I’m also looking for tutorials to share here on my blog. That could range from sharing a crochet stitch, technique, or how to make a pattern. My readers love learning things, so I know they’ll love learning from you! I’ll be paying $15-$20 for each tutorial post.

Soceles Triangle Wrap: Free Crochet Pattern by Cristi Co Designs on ECLAIREMAKERY.COM
Soceles Triangles Wrap by guest designer Christa Co Design.

Maker Tips

Designing or teaching might not be your thing, but maybe you rock it at your Instagram feed, Pinterest, designing, or killing it at a craft fair. I’m also looking for people to share any maker tips they might have for rocking the maker world! I’ll be paying $15-$20 for each maker tip post.


If you don’t want to design a pattern for my blog, I’m also looking for people to create roundups on my blog of their patterns. Say you have a blog yourself and want to get more traffic to it, you can create a roundup of your designs, and I’ll feature that here on mine. We could even work something out for you to be able to do multiple ones spread throughout the year. Roundup posts will be paid $15-20 per post.

Sign up here!

So if any of those things sound great to you, then I’d love for you to sign up to be featured on my blog or in Free Pattern Friday! I’m so excited to work with you! Click below to fill out the application!