Hi maker! My name is Claire Goodale, the owner and designer behind E’Claire Makery. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to E’Claire Makery, a crochet blog with a bit of other crafts and knitting thrown in! Here you will find cute and cuddly plushies, beautiful garments, and things that will make you smile. New to crocheting?  No worries! Each pattern has been carefully created with picture and video tutorials to help you make the handmade creations you’ve always dreamed of. My goal is to help you have no fear in making something yourself, and instead just have fun!

If you’re new to crochet, knitting or just want to brush up on your skills check out my how-to guides for beginners:

Winter Dreams Velvet Cowl: FREE Crochet Pattern

E’Claire Makery was born a long time ago, on a couch in my grandparents’ farmhouse, when my Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was five years old. Once I picked up the crochet hook and yarn, I was hooked (pun definitely intended). I was amazed that I could make something so special out of yarn and my creative spirit! A few years later, I picked up some knitting needles, and learned how to do that too. Both of those led me to trying out cross stitching, and I loved being able to draw with thread. There was no turning back from creating for me! I can crochet, cross stitch, knit, sew, quilt, weave, embroider, and the list keeps growing.

My designing journey started when I made my first amigurumi plush from a crochet book when I was 13. It was a misshapen disaster of a dog, but I decided to keep trying because I loved how cute homemade plushies were. After years of making other people’s patterns, I decided to try my hand at making my own, and created a brightly colored cupcake pincushion. From that moment on, my dream was to design patterns and sell them to share all of the things I loved with fellow makers.

I made a few more designs, but never quite found the motivation or confidence to pursue it beyond that. I spent quite a few years trying to find the perfect thing to design and sell. I also struggle with chronic pain and stomach issues, which prevented me from pursuing creating for quite awhile. Seeing so many amazing makers on Instagram inspired me to start designing crochet patterns again. I was determined to find a way to work around my chronic pain, and I did! Crocheting is the perfect activity to do for me because it doesn’t aggravate my chronic pain. It’s amazing! Now I’m finally achieving my dreams of selling my own designs!

When I’m not designing or making things, you can probably find me with my husband, Stephen. We love going hiking, playing board games, cooking together, exploring, playing with kids at church, reading, watching Netflix, and obsessing about Marvel. I also enjoy baking, thrift store shopping, photography, walking around the yarn section at the craft store for hours, and gardening of all sorts.

I’m so excited that you found me and want to be a part of the Makery. Let’s get crafting!