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Learn How to do Crochet Colorwork with the Crochet Colorwork Playbook!

Have you ever wanted to learn crochet colorwork, but don’t know where to begin? It can seem so intimidating when you’re first starting to learn. I was scared of colorwork for years before I started doing it.

 The thought of weaving in ends, avoiding tangles, changing colors, and everything else involved had me staying away. Then I tried it, and now I love it! Well, if you’ve ever been there, have I got the resource for you! Introducing, the Crochet Colorwork Playbook!

The Crochet Colorwork Playbook was designed for crocheters wanting to learn crochet colorwork to help take away the fear and replace it with confidence in doing colorwork! From how to do tapestry, intarsia, and fair isle crochet, all the way to how to switch colors or keep yarn from tangling, this resource has it all.

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