Plaid Bear C2C Crochet Blanket: Free Crochet Pattern

Plaid Bear C2C Crochet Blanket: Free Crochet Pattern

If you love plaid, have I got a great new crochet pattern for you! I’ve been working for months with the ladies and Make and Do Crew along with Lion Brand Yarn. Now it’s finally time to release the pattern I’ve been collaborating on with them! Introducing the Plaid Bear C2C crochet blanket pattern! It’s been so hard to keep this project a secret for a few months, and let me tell you, a huge weight has been lifted now that I can share the secret.

This pattern is now available as a kit through Lion Brand Yarn in both sizes! Click here to get yours!

When I first applied to be a part of the Make and Do Crew Guest Design program, I didn’t get in. Of course I was disappointed, but they announced they’d be doing a second group so I knew I had to apply again! When I applied the second time, I had figured out more of who I was as a designer, and had an actual focus that I was centering my designs on. To my utter amazement, I got it! I was so surprised and honored that I got to work with them and Lion Brand Yarn.


Originally this design was going to be a deer sweater. However, almost as soon as I started designing it, I hated it. I finally accepted that I did not like designing garments. It was so hard for me to admit it, but once I accepted it it felt freeing! After discussing things with the ladies at Make and Do Crew, we narrowed down the way I should take my design, and we come up with this C2C bear blanket!

I’m so glad I switched the design because I love it this way. It’s the perfect crochet Christmas decor to add to your holiday decorating, and or as a year long blanket for a cabin. Can’t you imagine curling up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa reading your favorite book? I’ll definitely be doing that all winter long!

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This blanket is made with the basic C2C crochet stitch that is made by doing 3 double crochets per square. The plaid pattern of the bear is created while switching colors as you crochet diagonally. If you’re worried about the color changes being too often, don’t worry! Each color block in the plaid pattern is made so that you don’t have to switch colors to often. The FREE 36″ x 36″ size of the pattern available on the Make & Do Crew blog has each block be 5 squares by 5 squares. The larger size, 54″ x 54″ that is available in the premium PDF version, has each color block be 10 squares by 10 squares across. Either way, you won’t have to switch colors too often!

The border that is added at the end, is one of my favorite parts. When I saw the border on the Alpaca Blanket from Make and Do Crew, I knew it was the perfect border for this blanket! It’s made with puff stitches that are added to chains to create a type of pom pom. They’re so fun to make and pretty paired with the plaid design of the bear!

If you want line-by-line written instructions, both sizes, and charts to help make this blanket easier be sure to grab the premium ad free PDF for just $3.99 on Etsy or Ravelry! It’s also available as a kit on the Lion Brand Yarn website!

The Yarn

This blanket is one of the coziest things I own, and that’s all thanks to Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta. It’s one of the softest and comfiest yarns that is perfect for blankets! The yarn is a weight 4 worsted weight that makes the best fabric. I seriously want to cuddle up with this blanket all day! If you don’t have access to the Feels Like Butta yarn, some other great choices would be Red Heart Soft, Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, Lion Brand Basic Stitch, or Caron Simply Soft.

Want to make a blanket of your own? View the FREE graph version of this pattern on the Make and Do Crew Blog! Or get both sizes, the written line-by-line instructions, and graphs in the Ad free premium PDF version!


36″ x 36″ Size (available for FREE on the Make and Do Crew Blog):

  • Lion Brand Feels Like Butta (or other worsted weight yarn in 4 colors:
    • Pale Grey 976 yards (4 skeins)
    • Cranberry 258 yards (2 skeins)
    • Black 140 yards (1 skein)
    • Red 131 yards (1 skein)
  • Size J 6mm crochet hook
  • Scissors

54″ x 54″ Size (available in the premium PDF version):

  • Lion Brand Feels Like Butta (or other worsted weight yarn) in 4 colors:
    • Pale Grey 2,647 yards (13 skeins)
    • Cranberry 784 yards (4 skeins)
    • Black 389 yards (2 skeins)
    • Red 325 yards (2 skeins)
  • Size J 6mm crochet hook
  • Scissors


The baby blanket size graph, 36″ x 36″, can be found for FREE by downloading the free graph by clicking the text below.

Download the pattern here!

Line-by-line instructions, the larger size of the blanket (54″ x 54″), and color graphs for this graphgan can be found in the premium ad free PDF for just $3.99 on Etsy or Ravelry! Or you can get a kit for either size of the blanket on the Lion Brand website!

I hope you love your brand new blanket! If you make a Plaid Bear Blanket of your own, be sure to tag me on social media @eclairemakery on Instagram and Facebook. I’d love to share your photos! I can’t wait to see the awesome blanket that you crochet!

Happy stitching,


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