Pinewood Blanket: Free Intarsia Crochet Blanket Pattern

Pinewood Blanket: Free Intarsia Crochet Blanket Pattern

Cozy up by the fireside this winter with the ultra cozy Pinewood Blanket! This free crochet blanket pattern is one of the coziest blankets you’ll ever use. Made from super bulky faux fur yarn, green tweed yarn bobble trees, and simple intarsia crochet techniques, you’ll love making this free crochet throw pattern. It’s the perfect crochet blanket for the holiday season or winter!


When I think of winter, one of the first pictures that comes to mind is of pine trees in a forest with snow on the ground and falling in the air. When I originally designed the Pinewood Pillow I used this picture as my inspiration. I used faux fur yarn to represent the snow, and a speckled tweed green yarn for the trees. That brought about the whole Pinewood collection including the pillow, hat, and cowl! Now, it’s time for the blanket version to join the family.

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New to Tapestry Crochet and Colorwork?

When I was first learning how to do crochet color work, I often felt so lost having to learn how to do color changes and reading crochet graphs. It can seem so intimidating to learn a new crochet skill! If you’re new to tapestry crochet or color work, then I’ve got just the resource for you.

Here on my blog, I’ve got a two free crochet tutorial for how to do tapestry crochet and intarsia crochet, which are the two most common crochet color work techniques. They’ll walk you through what each technique is, how to read crochet graphs, how to change colors in crochet, and a bunch of other tips I have for color work! You can find them here on my blog at:

– The Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet: (This technique is used when you would like to carry your yarn, and the color work is close together.)

– The Beginner’s Guide to Intarsia Crochet: (This technique is used when you don’t want to carry your yarn, and instead would like to use yarn bobbins. I used this for this pattern.)

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The Yarn

To make this blanket, I went a little wild with the texture. For the background, I used We Crochet’s Fable Fur Yarn, which is a faux fur yarn made of 100% polyester. I know that there is a lot of hesitancy generally around faux fur yarn. However, if you’ve been feeling hesitant about it, then this is a great project to start with! Most of it is just double crochet stitches, so there isn’t any complicated. The yarn softness alone makes it all worth it in the end because it feels like you are cuddling with a cloud. If you don’t want to use the faux fur, you could also use another super bulky yarn to substitute.

I also used Lion Brand Hometown in Riverdale and Billings Chocolate. This is an awesome budget super bulky yarn. It’s soft, comes in a great range of colors, and is perfect for super bulky blanket patterns. You could also use another super bulky yarn you like to substitute.

Blanket Dimensions: 43” wide x 50” tall

Gauge: 4” x 4” square: 4 dc x 4 dc

Hook Size: 9mm

Yarn: Super Bulky Yarn in 3 colors:

  • We Crochet Fable Fur (or other faux fur yarn or super bulky weight yarn) in Eisbar (Super Bulky weight 6, 71 yds, 100g, 100% Polyester)
  • Lion Brand Hometown in Riverdale (81 yds/74m, 5oz/142g, 100% acrylic)
  • Lion Brand Hometown in Billings Chocolate (81 yds/74m, 5oz/142g, 100% acrylic)

Approximate Yarn Yardage:

Color A: 630 yds (9 skeins)

Color B: 150 yds (2 skeins)

Color C: 20 yds


  • ch = chain 
  • st(s) = stitches 
  • dc = double crochet 
  • bobble = bobble stitch 

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern uses US crochet terminology. 
  • The pattern is made in two panels and then sewn together with the flutter sleeves worked off of them.
  • For this pattern, experience with colorwork is recommended but not required. I used intarsia crochet. If you’d like help with doing colorwork, I’ve got some great tutorials on my Youtube channel! 
  • Color changes within the pattern are indicated by the new color in parentheses followed by the amount of sc you do. For example: (Color A) dc 2, (Color B) dc 3. If no color is listed before the st, it is done in the same color as the st before.
  • To add more length to the blanket, crochet more rows after row 42 and before row 43.

Chart Notes:

  • Each square on the chart counts as one stitch.
  • Bobble stitches on the chart are represented by a lighter green, but are still done in color B.