Flower Garden Blanket Free C2C Blanket Crochet Along

Flower Garden Blanket Free C2C Blanket Crochet Along

Do you love flowers and wish you could have them bloom all year long? Then you are going to love the latest free crochet along I am hosting: the Flower Garden Blanket Crochet Along!

The Flower Garden Blanket is a gorgeous C2C crochet blanket pattern designed by 9 of my designer friends and myself. We’ve created 12 gorgeous flower squares that each feature a different C2C crochet flower.

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What is a crochet along?

If you’ve never done a crochet along before and are wondering what it is, it is an event where each week part of a pattern is released and then you work through it over the course of the event. For this crochet along, we’ll be working through this blanket pattern and then having a fun community for the event in my Facebook group!

How does it work?

Starting on May 10, there will be 2 squares released each week of the crochet along. For the first week they’ll release on Tuesday and Thursday, and then the rest of the weeks it will be Monday to Thursday. Each square will be released for free on the blog of the designer who created it, and this post will be updated for each new square! There will also be assembly and border instructions added at the end of the CAL on this post.

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Join the crochet along!

If you’d like to join the crochet along (CAL), it’s free! Just join my Facebook group by clicking the button below, and you can jump right in. If you don’t have Facebook, you can still join the crochet along by using the free patterns here on my blog.

Get the full pattern + bonuses!

Want to get the full Flower Garden Blanket now? You can get it all in the Flower Garden Blanket ebook! It has C2C crochet tutorials, graphs and written patterns for each square, and assembly instructions. You can also grab the Flower Pillow Bundle to get 5 flower pillow patterns for just $5!

Square 1: Peony Blanket Square by E’Claire Makery

Get the free graph pattern at: https://eclairemakery.com/peony-c2c-crochet-free-blanket-square-pattern/

Square 2: Sunflower Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Get the free graph pattern at: https://sunflowercottagecrochet.com/the-sunflower-square-free-chart/

Square 3: Forget Me Knot Square by Ambassador Crochet

Get the free graph pattern at: https://ambassadorcrochet.com/2022/05/10/c2c-flower

Square 4: Lily of the Valley Square by Made by Nensi

Get the free graph pattern at: Lily of the Valley Square

Square 5: Pansy Square by Lakeview Cottage Kids

Get the free graph pattern at: https://lakeviewcottagekids.com/index.php/2022/05/18/the-new-pansy-c2c-square/

Square 6: Wildflower Square by Crochet With Frankie Kate

Get the FREE pattern at: https://www.crochetwithfrankiekate.com/my-first-crochet-c2c-cal-wildflower/

Square 7: Tulip Square by Made by Nensi

Get the FREE graph pattern at: Tulip Square Pattern.

Square 8: Lavender Square by The Loophole Fox

Get the FREE graph pattern at: https://theloopholefox.com/flower-c2c-blanket-square/

Square 9: Orchid Square by Stardust Gold Crochet

Get the FREE graph for the pattern at: https://stardustgoldcrochet.com/crochet-orchid-c2c-pattern–flower-garden-blanket-cal–square-9/

Square 10: Daffodil Square by Juniper & Oakes

Get the FREE graph for the pattern at: https://www.juniperandoakes.com/blog/daffodil-c2c-blanketsquare-freecrochetpattern

Square 11: Cherry Blossom Square by Tying an End

Get the FREE graph for the pattern at: https://www.tyinganend.com/cherry-blossom-c2c-square

Square 12: Bluebell Square by Stardust Gold Crochet

Get the FREE graph for the pattern at: https://stardustgoldcrochet.com/blue-bells-c2c-crochet-pattern–flower-garden-blanket-cal–square-12/

Joining and Assembly Instructions

To assemble the blanket the way the sample is pictured, you will use the layout displayed in the photo below.

Once you have the layout the way you want, then it’s time to join.

Once you have the layout you’d like for your squares, it’s time to join them. For the sample blanket, we used a zig zag join. To do that, you can find a great tutorial at: Zig Zag Slip Stitch Join Tutorial.

Once all of the squares have been joined together, then you can add a border. The border the sample blanket has on it is an alpine stitch border all around the edges of the blanket. You can check out a great alpine stitch tutorial at: Alpine Stitch Tutorial.