31 Days of Candy Day 20: Rainbow Rope Free Crochet Candy Pattern

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Rainbow Rope Free Crochet Candy Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 21 by E'Claire Makery

Did you ever eat sour gummy ropes or fruit roll ups and unravel it so that you could have it hanging from your mouth? Then you’d eat it up and watch it disappear as you ate it. I did that all the time as a kid! I’d try to see how much I could fit in my mouth before I had to swallow. Today’s candy is that super fun fruity candy: my Rainbow Rope candy pattern!



I remember being so addicted to gummy roll ups that whenever I’d finish one, I immediately wanted a second one. My mom had to stop me a lot from eating them because I kept wanting to eat them. I wonder what magic they sprinkle into those fruity roll ups that makes kids want them so much. Maybe it’s the same thing they put in fruit snacks?




This design was a fun one for me, because I finally got to do a rainbow design, which was my favorite color when I was younger. I know, I know, rainbow isn’t technically a color. I just didn’t want to have to pick just one color since I loved them all. To create the colorful rainbow effect of this design, I used Paintbox Yarns Simply DK in 4 different colors: Rose Red, Spearmint Green, Washed Teal, and Buttercup Yellow. I’d love to see a sunset colored version of this design! You can use any combination of yarns to create any combination of this pattern. Lion Brand Baby Soft would be a great yarn to create a beautiful pastel color scheme. Lion Brand 24/7 cotton is great for brighter colors if you can’t get a hold of the Paintbox Yarns.

Rainbow Rope Free Crochet Candy Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 21 by E'Claire Makery

This pattern is one of the simplest that I’ve created: involving 4 rows of double crochets that are each done in a different color. It’s all done in one piece so that you can roll it up at the end just like a sour gummy rope or fruit roll up! This is an amigurumi candy pattern that candy be done with a lot of ease since it is just one long rectangle with a face. It products a super cute candy that you’ll want to make over and over. Let’s get started!

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Stitches Used:

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet (UK Treble Crochet)
  • R = row

Recipe Notes:

  • The gummy rope is crocheted in rows, with multiple color changes.
  • Pattern uses US crochet terminology, but the UK terminology conversion is listed in the stitches used list above
  • Face is made of felt pieces that are cut out and sewn on to the crocheted piece. Download my Felt Pieces for Plushies PDF Printout for the face pieces you’ll cut out of felt. Cut out two eyes from black felt.

Rainbow Rope

Starting with 1st color…

R 1: ch 27, starting in 3rd ch from hook, dc 24

Switch to 2nd color..

R 2: Ch 2, turn, dc 24

Repeat R 2 two more times till row 4, switching the color with each new row. Once R 4 is done, fasten off and weave in ends.

Once ends are woven in, sew on the felt face pieces to the rainbow rope. I positioned mine at one end of it, so that I could roll it up if I wanted to. After the pieces are sewn on then you are all done!

Rainbow Rope Free Crochet Candy Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 21 by E'Claire Makery

Just looking at this finished amigurumi, makes me hungry for a sour gummy rope. I feel so happy seeing all of the bright fun colors! What a fun candy from such a simple pattern. If you’d like to receive the 31 Days of Candy free crochet patterns delivered directly to your inbox throughout the month of October, sign up for my newsletter here and receive a new one each day. If you missed any of the other free crochet patterns you can get them in the 31 Days of Candy section on my website. If you’d like to share your makes, make sure to tag @eclairemakery and use the hashtag #31daysofcandy to share them with everyone. See you tomorrow for day 22 of the 31 days of candy!


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Rainbow Rope Free Crochet Pattern 31 Days of Candy Day 21 by E'Claire Makery