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Gummy Bear Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 20 by E'Claire Makery

Phew, day 20 of the 31 Days of Candy is here! Where has time disappeared to? There are only 11 days left of this event, and I can’t believe I’ve already put out 20 free crochet candy patterns. Today’s candy is one of my new favorite patterns: my Gummy Bear! This candy has all of the cuteness of gummy bears all wrapped in a tiny crochet project.


Gummy bears are one of the cutest candies in my opinion, because of their tiny bear shape and super fun colors. I don’t know if I’d say its one of my favorites to eat, but it’s definitely one of my favorites to look at. Maybe I don’t like eating them as much because I think they’re too cute, plus it feels weird eating a tiny bear.


Gummy Bear Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 20 by E'Claire Makery

For this I designed I combined one of my favorite yarns, Premier Downtown Abbey, with one of my favorite crochet stitches, the bobble stitch. At first I thought of creating the pieces of the gummy bear separately, but after trying it that way, I didn’t like it at all and came up with the idea of using bobble stitches as the different pieces. I love it! It’s so fun being able to crochet this pattern all in one piece, and not having to do any sewing. I also didn’t include any felt face pieces because I felt it looked more like a gummy bear without many facial features. Using the Premier Downton Abbey yarn was the perfect color for this! This pattern leaves it open to an endless possibility of color combinations of yarn, as well as the option of using an weight of yarn for it.


On another note, besides there being only 11 more days left in the 31 days of candy, it’s also exactly one week until my wedding! I can’t believe that it’s almost already here. This last month before my wedding has flown by faster than I can keep track of. I feel like it was October 1 yesterday. I’m beyond excited that my wedding is almost here, because it means I’ll finally be married to my best friend, Stephen. I can’t believe that almost two years ago we both realized that we liked each other, went on our first date, and realized that we were perfect for each other. Now we’re here and about to be married. How did that happen?! It’s going to be such a wonderful day, and I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve made for my wedding. Now let’s make this gummy bear!


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Stitches Used:

  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet (UK Double Crochet)
  • dec = decrease
  • bobble = bobble stitch (*yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops,* repeat till you have six loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull yarn through all six) If you’ve never done this stitch before, check out my Youtube video below that shows how to do it:


Recipe Notes:

  • The pieces of this pattern are crocheted in continuous rounds with no joining. Mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker. It crocheted in one piece.
  • Pattern uses US crochet terminology, but the UK terminology conversion is listed in the stitches used list above.


Gummy Bear


Rnd 1: sc 5 in magic circle

Rnd 2: sc 2 in each sc around

Rnd 3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next st* repeat 4 more times (10)

Rnd 4: sc 4, bobble, sc 6, bobble, sc 3 (15)  

Rnd 5-6: sc 15

Rnd 7: sc 8, bobble, 6 (15)

Rnd 8-10: sc 15

Rnd 11: sc 6, bobble, sc 3, bobble, sc 3 (15)

Rnd 12-13: sc 15

Rnd 14: sc 6, bobble, sc 3, bobble, sc 3 (15)

Rnd 15: *sc 1, dec 1, *repeat 4 more times (10)

Stuff Bear

Rnd 16: dec 5, fasten off and weave in ends (5)

Gummy Bear Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 20 by E'Claire Makery

I hope you like you’re gummy bear! I can’t wait to see all of the colors that you make them in. If you’d like to receive the 31 Days of Candy free crochet patterns delivered directly to your inbox throughout the month of October, sign up for my newsletter here and receive a new one each day. If you missed any of the other free crochet patterns you can get them in the 31 Days of Candy section on my website. If you’d like to share your makes, make sure to tag @eclairemakery and use the hashtag #31daysofcandy to share them with everyone. See you tomorrow for day 21 of the 31 days of candy!


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Gummy Bear Crochet Candy Pattern 31 Days of Candy Day 20 by E'Claire Makery