31 Days of Candy Day 22: Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern

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Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

Day 22 of the 31 Days of Candy is here! Almost one week till this month is over and our event comes to a close. Today’s candy is: ribbon candy! Have you ever heard of this candy? This candy doesn’t come out around halloween, but instead makes its debut around Christmas time. Confectioners in New England developed it for Christmas decorations in their shops, and it spread throughout the U.S. as people fell in love with the wavy view of this candy.


I’ve never actually eaten this candy, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it eaten before. Despite that, it’s one of my favorite candies visually. It has such beautiful colors, waves, and looks wonderful paired with gingerbread houses or other Christmas confections. When I was growing up, I loved to watch Victorian themed tv shows and movies, and always loved seeing ribbon candies come out during Christmas specials. They always seemed like a magical looking candy to me, even though they’re not necessarily meant to be eaten. My family would use them as decorations for our gingerbread houses that we would make, which added the perfect splash of color.


To capture the magical feel of ribbon candy, I used Premier Yarn’s Downton Abbey Yarn in the pink and white shades. It has a little sparkle sprinkled throughout it, which gave this candy the perfect look for me. Sadly, this yarn has been discontinued so I’d recommend using Lion Brand Baby Soft in any color or any other two DK weight yarns. The Lion Brand yarn comes in some beautiful pastel shades that would be perfect for this candy. You could also use a worsted weight yarn to make a bigger and longer candy.


The patten is super simple. It is composed of 4 rows of single crochet, where the color of yarn is switched every row. This creates a lovely striped pattern for the candy, to give it the feel of ribbon candy. Once it is crocheted, you sew the face on, followed by making waves with the piece and sewing them together. Let’s get started!


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Stitches Used:

  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet (UK Double Crochet)
  • dc = double crochet (UK Treble Crochet)
  • dec = decrease

Recipe Notes:

  • The rock candy is crocheted in one piece in rows that use multiple color changes.
  • Pattern uses US crochet terminology, but the UK terminology conversion is listed in the stitches used list above
  • Face is made of felt pieces that are cut out and sewn on to the crocheted piece. Download my Felt Pieces for Plushies PDF Printout for the face pieces you’ll cut out of felt. Cut out two eyes from black felt, and stitch a mouth using black or pink embroidery thread. If you don’t know how to sew on felt pieces, see my Youtube video below that shows how to do it.

Ribbon Candy:

Starting with Main Color

R 1: ch 21, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc 20

Switch to Secondary Color

R 2: ch 1, turn, sc 20

Repeat Row 2 two more times, switching colors each row (next row is main color, last row is secondary color).

Once Row 4 is done, fasten off and weave in ends. Then sew on face by sewing on felt eyes, and stitching a “v” shape to make the mouth using black or pink embroidery thread.

Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

When you are finished sewing on the face to one end, it will look like this. To create the wavy texture we will be bunching it up and sewing it together.

Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

Fold the candy strip like so, which forms an “M” shape.

Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

Then sew through each of the 4 parts of the M on one side to secure it in place. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern: 31 Days of Candy Day 22

When you’re done, it will look like this! You’ll have you own ribbon candy of your own. I can’t wait to see all of the color combinations you’ll make with this candy! I’m pretty sure there’s an endless variety you could make! I think I need one in each color of the rainbow. If you’d like to receive the 31 Days of Candy free crochet patterns delivered directly to your inbox throughout the month of October, sign up for my newsletter here and receive a new one each day. If you missed any of the other free crochet patterns you can get them in the 31 Days of Candy section on my website. If you’d like to share your makes, make sure to tag @eclairemakery and use the hashtag #31daysofcandy to share them with everyone. See you tomorrow for day 22 of the 31 days of candy!


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Ribbon Candy Free Crochet Pattern 31 Days of Candy Day 22 by E'Claire Makery