Your Everyday Plaid Hat: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

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Your Everyday Plaid Hat: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

The Your Everyday plaid hat will quickly become your go to grab again and again in the cold months. It’s classic and simple design make it a great pairing with any outfit and the color combinations are endless. Using textured surface slip stitches, you’ll get the look of color work made simple.


I am a big fan of tartan plaid, but I’ve never been able to find a pattern for it with crochet. After designing my Your Everyday Plaid Skirt pattern, I wanted to create a crochet beanie pattern to match! I love the texture of surface slip stitches mixed with the simplicity of crocheting in the round. I love creating patterns that look more complicated then they are, and if you like making those, then you’re going to love this pattern!

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If you’ve never crocheted a hat before, this is a great pattern to start with! It starts out with the brim of the hat worked flat back and forth in rows to create crocheted ribbing. Then you join the first and last rows together in order to begin crocheting in the round. I wanted to make the striping for the hat nice and simple, so my goal was to minimize the amount of color changes that you’d need to do. The body of the hat does alternating rows of 4 rows of blue and 1 row of silver. Once the body of the hat is done, then you’ll do rows of surface slip stitches to create the textured plaid rows.

To help walk you through the pattern, I’ve created a video tutorial to show you how to make it. You can find it on my Youtube channel at: Your Everyday Plaid Hat Tutorial

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The Yarn

What if you could make 12 designer crochet patterns with the same set of yarn? For one thing, everything would match! On top of that, it would reduce the amount of scrap yarn laying around (personally, I have enough of that to last me a while). For Your Everyday Classics Collection, we chose a selection of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in 5 coordinating colors. 

Wool-Ease is a worsted weight yarn made of wool and acrylic, so you get the softness and warmth of wool, plus it’s machine washable and easy to care for. It’s a versatile and durable yarn, which is exactly what you need when you’re designing pieces for everyday wear.

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Gauge: 4” x 4” square = 13 hdc x 9 rows


  • Head Measurement = 21”
  • Hat Height = 8”

Hook: 6mm

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (Worsted Weight 4; 197yd/180m; 3oz/85g; 80% acrylic, 20% wool) in two colors:

  • Denim (MC)
  • Grey Heather (CC)

Approximate Yarn Yardage:

  • MC = 100 yds
  • CC = 75 yds


  • ch = chain 
  • st (s) = stitch (es) 
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • flo = front loops only 
  • blo = back loops only 
  • rnd (s) = round (s)
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • MC = main color 
  • CC = contrast color

Your Everyday Plaid Hat Video Tutorial

Your Everyday Plaid Hat Pattern:


Starting with CC, ch 8

Row 1: starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc 6

Row 2: ch 2, turn, hdc across in the blo

Row 3: ch 2, turn, hdc across in the flo

For the next 31 rows, alternate between repeating rows 2-3 for a total of 34 rows from beginning.

Once you’re done with those rows, join the two ends of your brim right sides together with a sl st. Turn it right side out, and then you’ll move onto the body of the hat.


Body of Hat:

To switch to the main color, do your first ch st with the new color. Do not fasten off CC. We will be using it after the first two rnds. The first round sets up the base of the ws that we’ll be using to make the rest of the hat.

Rnd 1: (MC) ch 2, hdc 62 around the top of the brim of the beanie (working approximately 2 sts in each row end of brim), join with sl st to the ch 2 at the beginning of the rnd [62 sts]

Rnds 2-4: (MC) ch 2, hdc around, join with sl st to the ch 2 at the beginning of the rnd

Rnd 5: (CC) ch 2, hdc around, join with sl st to the ch 2 at the beginning of the rnd

Rnds 6-9: (MC) ch 2, hdc around, join with sl st to the ch 2 at the beginning of the rnd

Repeat Rnds 5-9 one more time. Fasten off MC.

Next rnd: (CC) ch 2, hdc around, join with sl st to the ch 2 at the beginning of the rnd

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing the hat closed.


Plaid Stripes:

To create the plaid stripes on the hat, you’ll be using the surface sl st. To start your first line, choose a stitch in the last rnd of the hat. Pull a sl st up through that st, and then sl st over each st that lines up with the one you started with. When you get to brim, fasten off.

You’ll repeat those steps for each row of the stripes around the hat. I did mine in groupings of 3 and then a single one. I space the 3 stripes next to each other with one st in between each row. Then for the one stripe I spaced it 4 stitches away from the group of three. See video tutorial for a more in depth look at the striping.


Closing Up Hat:

Once you are done with the plaid stripes, to close up the hat, thread long tail through a yarn needle, and sew a basting stitch around the top of the hat, then pull closed. Fasten off once hat is closed.

I hope that you love your brand new crochet hat! I can’t wait to see the beautiful hats that you create from this pattern! If you make a beanie of your own from this pattern, I’d love to share it on social media. Just tag me on Instagram or Facebook using the tag @eclairemakery or #eclairemakery.

Happy stitching,