Your Cozy Pocket Scarf: Free Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern

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Your Cozy Pocket Scarf: Free Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern

If you’re like me and you neck and your hands get super cold, now you can keep both warm with one accessory. This cozy crochet scarf is perfect to pair with jeans and your favorite sweater. Featuring the unique texture of bobble stitches and beginner friendly color work, you’ll want to make this free crochet pocket scarf pattern again and again to go with your whole winter wardrobe.

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This crochet pocket scarf pattern has a simple construction that makes it great for beginner and advanced crocheters alike. You start with crocheting the scarf portion, which mainly is composed of half double crochet stitches. There are a two rows of bobbles thrown in there to help add some texture. Once the main scarf is done, you’ll crochet the pockets using the intarsia crochet color work technique. Then sew them on! It’s a great introductory pattern for colorwork!

I’ve also created a tutorial to help walk you through each step in the pattern. You can find it on my Youtube channel at: Your Cozy Pocket Scarf Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial.

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Gauge: 4” x 4” square = 13 hdc x 9 rows

Dimensions: 61” x 9”

Hook: 6mm

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (Worsted Weight 4; 197yd/180m; 3oz/85g; 80% acrylic, 20% wool) in two colors:

  • Dark Rose Heather (MC)
  • Grey Heather (CC)

Approximate Yarn Yardage:

  • MC = 475 yds
  • CC = 80 yds


  • ch = chain 
  • st (s) = stitch (es) 
  • hdc = half double crochet 
  • bobble = bobble stitch (*yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops,* repeat till you have six loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull yarn through all six) If you’ve never done a bobble stitch, check out my Bobble Stitch Crochet tutorial.
  • MC = main color 
  • CC = contrast color

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern uses US crochet terminology.
  • The ch 2 at the beginning of the row or round does not count as a stitch.
  • The pattern is worked in three separate pieces: the main scarf, and two pockets. The pockets are sewn onto the scarf after they are finished.

Chart Notes:

  • Each square on the chart counts as a stitch.
  • The pockets use the chart along with extra hdc on the sides. The pattern will indicate which row of the chart you will use for each row of the pockets.

Your Cozy Pocket Scarf Video Tutorial:

Your Cozy Pocket Scarf Pattern:


Starting with MC, ch 203

Row 1: starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc 200

Rows 2-3: ch 2, turn, hdc across

The next row will add in the CC for the bobbles. 

Row 4: (MC) ch 2, turn, *hdc 1, (CC) bobble 1, repeat from * to last st of row, in last st, (MC) hdc 1

Fasten off CC, we will rejoin it on the second bobble row, row 18.

Rows 5-17: (MC) ch 2, turn, hdc across

Row 18: repeat row 4

Rows 19-21: (MC) ch 2, turn, hdc across


Pockets: (Make 2)

Starting with MC, ch 19, starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc 17

Row 1 (first row of chart): (MC) ch 2, turn, hdc 6 and place st marker in last hdc you do, crochet chart row 1, hdc to end of row placing a stitch marker in the first hdc after the chart

Row 2: (MC) ch 2, turn, hdc to st marker, crochet chart row 2, hdc to end of row

Rows 3-9: repeat row 2 moving up one row of the chart each row

Rows 10-11: (MC) ch 2, turn, hdc across, switch to CC on the last yo of the last st

Fasten of MC and weave in ends.

Rows 12-13: (CC) ch 2, turn, hdc across

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Once you have finished the scarf and both pockets, you will need to seam the pockets to the scarf. Position each pocket on each of the short ends of the scarf, I positioned mine in between both bobble rows with the bottom of the pocket aligned with the first bobble st on each end. Pin to scarf once they are positioned in the spot you would like them to be. Seam around both pockets, leaving the top (the grey side) open. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I hope that you love your brand new crochet scarf! I can’t wait to see the beautiful scarves that you create from this pattern! If you make a scarf of your own from this pattern, I’d love to share it on social media. Just tag me on Instagram or Facebook using the tag @eclairemakery or #eclairemakery.

Happy stitching,