How to Organize Colors on a Lion Brand Mandala Skein

How to Organize Colors on a Lion Brand Mandala Skein

Do you ever get a variegated skein of yarn like Lion Brand Mandala, and you love the colors but not the order their end? Sometimes when I get a colored skein it will have all of the colors that I want. However, it won’t be in the color order that I envisioned for my project or design. Guess what? If you’ve ever struggled with that this step by step crochet tutorial will help you out!

When I started designing my Happily Ever After Shawl design, I wanted to create a fun one skein crochet shawl pattern using Lion Brand Mandala. The only problem was that I wanted to have this pattern be a tapestry crochet shawl. So I set out to find a way to create color combinations of my own with a Lion Brand Mandala Pegasus skein. I found the perfect way to do this that you can use in your projects too!

I didn’t used to be someone who was open to cutting up yarn skeins, but after trying this with a shawl now I’m convinced that I need to do it again. The colors turn out so pretty when you can get it just how you picture! This crochet yarn tip works very well for projects that use color work, create an ombre effect, or and other free mandala crochet pattern that you have a specific color idea for. I’ve used it to design a tapestry crochet shawl, but once you have the yarn ordered the way you want it, you can create anything!

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How to Rearrange a Mandala Yarn Skein

Crochet Youtube Tutorial:

Crochet Written & Photo Tutorial:

1. Start by winding up the mandala skein into a ball starting from the outside.

2. Keeping winding till you get to the end of the first color.

3. Once you get to the end of the first color, cut the yarn.

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4. Repeat the same process with each of the next colors. Cut the yarn once you get to the end of one color.

5. Once you’re done cutting up the mandala skein, you’ll be left with a bunch of tiny balls of yarn in different colors.

6. I decided to rearrange my different yarn balls by color. So I grouped together all of the blues, purples, and pinks with their like colors. You’ll want to use the bigger balls of yarn for large patches of color, and the smaller ones for when you don’t have a lot of rows to do.

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I used this technique to help rearrange the colors for my Happily After Shawl in order to do tapestry crochet with them. I put contrasting colors together to create the stitch patterns, which turned out exactly how I wanted it to! If you’re making a triangle shawl with these new balls of yarn, start your shawl with the small balls of yarn working your way up to the bigger ones at the end of the pattern.

This is how my finished shawl turned out using this technique of rearranging the yarn! Isn’t it beautiful??? You can make it for yourself because it’s a free pattern on my blog! This free tapestry crochet shawl pattern can be found at this link: Happily Ever After Shawl. You can make the shawl with any color of Lion Brand Mandala, and it will be beautiful!

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you, and that you feel inspired to go out and try this technique. Imagine all of the beautiful projects you could make! For all of my latest crochet tutorials be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates whenever I come out with a new video.

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