31 Days of Candy Day 7: Kitty Kat Bar Free Crochet Pattern

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31 Days of Candy Day 7: Kitty Kat Bar

31 Days of Candy Day 7: Kitty Kat Bar

Wow, a whole week of crochet candies has passed friends! Can you believe it?? I’m amazed at how many candies and patterns that is. Today we are celebrating all of the cat and chocolate lovers out there with my super special Kitty Kat bar. Made from love, chocolate, and squishy yarns, this free crochet pattern is perfect for the kitty lover in your life. It was inspired by the classic Kit-Kat Bar, but since I love puns I wanted to create a spin off of it. Every time I see this kitty candy, the Kit-Kat Bar jingle pops in my head and I have a hard time getting it out the whole day. Shows how powerful the marketing of that candy is!

Interesting fact: I’ve never actually had a Kit-Kat bar. Always having to be wary of things made where peanuts are, I have never been able to eat one. I haven’t read the label in a long time though, so maybe I’d actually be able to eat it. I’m also allergic to cats, so I’ve always been more of a dog lover. I can’t deny cats are cute though. Once again, crochet has helped me interact with two things I’m allergic to!

This candy crochet pattern is really easy to crochet. The candy bar is made in the round after joining two ends of a length of chain stitches together. Then the kitty is made as a separate piece and sewn on. The face and the decorative stitching is the only part that might seem a little daunting, but the easy embroidery stitches used to stitch it on make it simple. I used Paintbox Yarns Simply DK to crochet the candy bar, which made a fun and bright piece. Then I used Premier Yarns Downtown Abbey yarn to sew the white kitty, and some brown scrap yarns to sew the circle. All together they capture the essence of a Kit-Kat Bar, while making a unique project. Let’s get started!


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Stitches Used:

  • st = stitch
  • sl = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet (UK Double Crochet)
  • dc = double crochet (UK Treble Crochet
  • dec = decrease
  • * * =do everything between two *
  • backstitch = embroidery stitch used to sew on lines

Recipe Notes:

  • The candy bar is crocheted in the round after joining a length of chain stitches together, and then crocheted in continuous rounds. Mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker. The kitty is made in continuous rounds with no joining.
  • Pattern uses US crochet terminology, but the UK terminology conversion is listed in the stitches used list above
  • Face is made of felt pieces that are cut out and sewn on to the crocheted piece. Download my Felt Pieces for Plushies PDF Printout for the face pieces you’ll cut out of felt. Cut out two eyes from black felt, and a small triangle from pink felt. If you don’t know how to sew on felt pieces, see my Youtube video below that shows how to do it.


Kitty Kat Bar

Rnd 1: ch 21, sl st into first ch to join together

Rnd 2: ch 1, sc 20, join

(You’ll now crochet in continuous rounds. Place stitch marker at beginning of round.)

Rnd 3-15: sc 20

Fasten off


Rnd 1: sc 5 in magic circle 

Rnd 2: sc 2 in each sc around

Rnd 3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next st *repeat around

Rnd 4: sl st 2, *sc 1, dc 1, sc 1 *in same st, sl st 2, *sc 1, dc 1, sc 1* in same stitch, sl st 1, fasten off leaving a tail for sewing onto the candy bar

Sew face onto kitty. Cut two mini eyes from my Felt Pieces for Plushies PDF Printout out of black felt, and stitch on. Create the nose by cutting a small triangle of pink felt, or embroider a triangle of satin stitches. Sew the mouth by stitching a line coming down from the nose, and then making a “V” going upwards from the bottom of the line as pictured above. Stitch the whiskers by stitching lines coming from the sides of the nose.

Once face is sewn onto the kitty, position it in the middle of the bar piece, and sew on. Stitch two “K”s above and to the left of the kitty using white yarn and backstitches. Then stitch a circle around the whole design using brown yarn. After that, sew the two side edges of the bar closed two rows in from the edge.

Now you’re all done!


31 Days of Candy Day 7: Kitty Kat Bar


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Happy Stitching!



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