Twilight Mountains Wall Hanging: Free Intarsia Crochet Pattern

Twilight Mountains Wall Hanging: Free Intarsia Crochet Pattern

Everything is better when it’s mini, especially when it’s crocheted! Introducing my latest free intarsia crochet pattern: the Twilight Mountains Wall Hanging. This fun crochet wall hanging pattern features a mini mountain scene with the starry night sky. Pine trees, mountains, and stars all make this the perfect free crochet home decor piece to add to your home this summer.

Scroll down for the free chart pattern or grab the written line by line instructions in my shops on Etsy, Ravelry, and my website!


As a big fan of the mountains, I am always looking to add more pieces of the mountains I love to my home. When We Crochet sent me this gorgeous palette of colors, I spent awhile debating between the desert or the mountains. I ended up going for the mountains though. Surprise, surprise, haha. The Mountains at twilight are one of my favorite sights in nature. The mountains turn this beautiful dark purple, the trees cast shadows, and the stars start to peek out in the night sky. I’m so happy that I was able to capture that with this crochet wall hanging pattern!

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Sometimes, you just want to make a small and quick crochet project. This mini wall hanging is made in just one panel, so if you can crochet a square then you can make this! It uses a blend of tapestry and intarsia crochet to create the picture of the mountings, and is worked back and forth in rows.

The free pattern below uses the chart for this pattern, where each square represents one single crochet. I love using charts when I do colorwork! If you want to make this pattern even easier and written instructions are more of your thing, I’ve created a premium discounted copy with line by line instructions available in my shops. You can get a copy of that in my shops on Etsy, Ravelry, and my website.

New to Tapestry Crochet and Colorwork?

When I was first learning how to do crochet color work, I often felt so lost having to learn how to do color changes and reading crochet graphs. It can seem so intimidating to learn a new crochet skill! If you’re new to tapestry crochet or color work, then I’ve got just the resource for you.

Here on my blog, I’ve got a two free crochet tutorial for how to do tapestry crochet and intarsia crochet, which are the two most common crochet color work techniques. They’ll walk you through what each technique is, how to read crochet graphs, how to change colors in crochet, and a bunch of other tips I have for color work! You can find them here on my blog at:

– The Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet: (This technique is used when you would like to carry your yarn, and the color work is close together.)

– The Beginner’s Guide to Intarsia Crochet: (This technique is used when you don’t want to carry your yarn, and instead would like to use yarn bobbins. I used this for this pattern.)

The Yarn

The yarn I used for this project is We Crochet’s Brava worsted minis. They sent me this lovely palette of colors, and have so many more that you could combine to make the crochet mountain wall hanging of your dreams! We Crochet’s Brava yarn is a worsted weight yarn that is the perfect basic acrylic yarn. It’s affordable, comes in a great selection of colors, and comes in such a great array of colors! Brava worsted is available in both full skeins and mini skeins.

The Brava mini skeins are perfect for a small project such as intarsia colorwork projects this one. When doing colorwork, sometimes you just need a small amount of yarn versus a full skein. They comes in 54 yard skeins, which turns out to be a lot more yarn than you’d expect.

Gauge: 4” x 4” square = 13 sc x 15 rows

Hook: 6mm

Wall hanging dimensions: 8” x 9.5”

Yarn: WeCrochet Brava Worsted or other worsted weight yarn in 6 colors:

  • MC (grey) = Dove Heather
  • CC1 (green) = Dublin
  • CC2 (light purple) = Seraphim
  • CC3 (magenta) = Fairy Tale
  • CC4 (dark purple) = Mulberry
  • CC5 (yellow) = Canary

Approximate Yarn Yardage:

  • MC = 25 yds
  • CC1 = 10 yds
  • CC2 = 10 yds
  • CC3 = 10 yds
  • CC4 = 10 yds
  • CC5 = 5 yds

Extra Supplies:

  • 8” stick or dowel to hang wall hanging on
  • Tapestry or yarn needle
  • Scissors


  • ch = chain 
  • sc = single crochet 
  • st(s) = stitch(es) 
  • MC = Main Color 
  • CC1 = Contrast Color 1 
  • CC2 = Contrast Color 2 
  • CC3 = Contrast Color 3 
  • CC4 = Contrast Color 4 
  • CC5 = Contrast Color 5

Pattern Notes:

Chart Notes:

  • Each square on the chart counts as a stitch.
  • The chart is read starting in the bottom right corner, and read from right to left then left to right. Each row is read alternating between right to left and left to right.
  • Each row of the written pattern corresponds to the same row on the chart.

Twilight Mountain Wall Hanging Free Pattern

Starting with CC1, ch 31

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from the hook, sc 30 [30 sts]

Now you’ll begin using the free chart, which you can download below, starting with Row 2. You’ll work starting from left to right, then right to left, and alternate between the two each row.

If you prefer written instructions to help make it easier, you can find them in the discounted premium PDF version available in my shops on Etsy, Ravelry, and my website!

After you have finished the entire chart, fasten off and weave in ends.

Once you are finished crocheting, attach the wall hanging to your stick or other holder. I like to take a tapestry needle and some extra yarn to attach it by doing a makeshift whip stitch around the stick. Then attach some more yarn or string to the stick to be able to hang the wall hanging onto something.