Learn How to Cross Stitch Part 5: How to Backstitch

Learn How to Cross Stitch Part 5: Learn How to Back Stitch

Learn How to Cross Stitch Part 5: Backstitching


Welcome back to our learn how to cross stitch series! In today’s post I will be teaching you how to do the backstitch, which is a basic embroidery stitch that is used in cross stitching to add a border or other details. This simple stitch can be used in almost every needle craft, and will be an essential addition to your stitching repertoire. Let’s get started!


(Learn better with video tutorials? Check out my Youtube video demonstrating How to Back Stitch below or on my channel E’Claire Makery!)


The Backstitch

Backstitches in Cross Stitch Patterns

Backstitching will appear in a pattern as lines that run along the edge of the squares that make up the cross stitch grid. Here on my Napricot cross stitch recipe, the Zs are made from backstitches.

Starting the backstitch

1. To begin the back stitch, thread your needle and insert it up through one of the corners of your Aida fabric. Pull needle through, leaving a small tail in the back to make sure the thread doesn’t come undone.

Insert needle down into fabric

2. Insert needle down into the corner right below where you inserted it up through. Pull thread through.

Starting Next Back Stitch

3. Insert needle up through the corner below where you last inserted your needle down into, and pull thread through.

Learn How to Cross Stitch: Backstitch

4. Insert needle back into the corner where you inserted it down in your last stitch, and pull thread through. You will now have two stitches completed.

Learn How to Backstitch

5. To start your next backstitches, insert your needle up through where you started your second stitch, and pull thread through.

Learn How to Backstitch

6. Insert needle back down into the corner where inserted your needle down into the last stitch. Repeat steps 5-6 till you have finished your backstitches required on the pattern. Just like that, you know how to backstitch!


Now that you know how to backstitch, you are ready to begin adding more details to your cross stitching. Some of my patterns that include backstitches are the Napricot, Waitermelon, and Soap Opera patterns. Backstitching can also be used to sew details onto crocheted pieces. You’ll love using this stitch!


Thank you for following along with this series! I hope it helped teach you how to cross stitch. If there are any more installments you’d like me to create for how to cross stitch, please comment below with suggestions. The next series we’ll be doing is “Learn How to Crochet” with a cake slice coaster project. You won’t want to miss it!


Happy stitching!



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How to Back Stitch: Learn How to Cross Stitch Part 5