How to Crochet the Lady Jackson Backpack

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How to Crochet the Lady Jackson Backpack

When I was a kid, I had so many treasures that I wanted to take with me everywhere. I would stuff my backpack full of my prized possessions so that I could carry everything precious to me. If you have a child who likes to do that too, I’ve got an adorable free crochet backpack pattern to share with you: the Lady Jackson Backpack! This children’s crochet bag pattern is a sweet mini backpack that is the perfect size for kids. It’s a great easy crochet bag for beginners too!

This cute crochet backpack has been designed by this week’s guest blogger, Mickyla Jackson of Created Makers. She designs cute and simple crochet patterns for kids and adults using lots of beautiful texture. I love her designs! I’m so happy that I get to share her pattern today, so I’ll go ahead and hand the rest of this post off to her. Take it away, Mickyla!

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Hey makers! My name is Mickyla Jackson! I started crocheting about 2 years ago and from there, a passion for designing crochet patterns took off! I especially love to design tapestry crochet patterns because I love “drawing” with yarn! I also love to make garments and kiddos accessories, which is what this pattern happens to be! I have three small children; a 5 year old, 3 year old and an 11 month old so I absolutely love to make things for them! I find time to crochet during naps and the wee hours of the morning. I love to crochet pretty much wherever I go, sneaking in a stitch or two whenever possible!

Inspiration and Yarn

This pattern was something I wasn’t planning on designing this year but when I had the idea, I knew I had to drop everything and make it happen. 😉 I saw a Caron Baby Cake in my stash and I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I only had one so it wasn’t enough for a blanket, but i knew I wanted something flat-ish so I could show off the self-striping ability of the yarn! Thus, the Lady Jackson Backpack was born! This pattern uses only one skein of Caron Baby Cake (230 yards of worsted weight yarn) and a button! Even if you don’t have a Caron Baby Cake, this is a perfect “one skein wonder” pattern. Any worsted weight skein will do!

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Supplies List:

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  • SC: Single Crochet
  • DC: Double Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet
  • CH: Chain
  • Sl St: Slip Stitch
  • F/O: Finish off (Slip stitch and weave in ends)


  • This pattern is written in US terms.
  • Stitch counts are noted at the end of rows. The count will be found in parenthesis. Example: Row/ Round 1: SC across/ around (18).  “18” is the stitch count for this row/ round.
  • This Pattern is worked in one continuous part from the bottom to the top. The backpack flap is worked directly on to the piece without a seam.
  • Most rows are joined seamlessly without a chain to begin the round. Unless there are special instructions, continue in a seamless round.


13 HDC Stitches by 11 HDC Rows

PS: This gauge is not super important to meet, because this is not a garment. However, if you follow this gauge you will end up with a backpack that is 9 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

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The Pattern:

The Body:

CH 37

Round 1: HDC into the second stitch from the hook and down the chain. When you reach the end of the chain, turn your chain and work into the opposite side of the chain to create your first round. HDC down the other side of the chain. (72).

Round 2: HDC around your piece

Round 3:  Begin the Lady Jackson Stitch: 1 SC and 2 DC into the first stitch, skip two stitches, 1 SC, 2 DC in the next stitch. (Continue around).

Round 4-20 Repeat Round 3 for a  total of 17 rounds of Lady Jackson Stitch.

Round 21:. HDC  70 stitches. Place a stitch marker in the 70th stitch. (We will now be working in rows to make the flap)

Row 22: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch. HDC across 30 stitches.

Row 23: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 27 stitches

Row 24: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 24 stitches

Row 25: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 21 stitches

Row 26: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 18 stitches

Row 27: Turn, CH 1, HDC across (18)

Row 28-30 Repeat Row 30

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Row 31: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 15 stitches

Row 32: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 12 stitches

Row 33: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 10 stitches

Row 34: Turn, do not chain, Skip the first stitch, HDC across 8 stitches then SL ST into the 9th stitch. Place a stitch marker in your 9th stitch.   SC down the side of the flap, around the opening of the backpack and up the side of your flap all the way to your stitch marker.

Round 35: SL ST to the top of the first stitch, SC around your backpack, stopping before you SC across the top of the backpack flap. SL ST into the first 3 stitches on the top of the flap. CH 3, skip three stitches and then SL ST into the next 3 stitches of the flap.

Fasten off.

The Straps:

  1. Attach your yarn with a slip stitch to the bottom right-hand corner of the backpack.
  2. CH 40. Find the middle stitch of Round 20 and SL ST to that stitch.
  3. CH 40. SL ST to the bottom left hand corner of the backpack.
  4. Turn and SC up the side of the first CH of 40 and then down the side of the second CH of 40.(Effectively thickening your backpack straps for sturdiness)

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 The Pull String

  1. CH  121
  2. Sl Stitch into the fist chain from the hook and F/O
  3. Begin on the inside of the backpack, on the middle stitch of Row 20 where you attached the straps.  Fold the CH 120 in half to find the middle.
  4. Weave half of  the chains through the backpack to the left and then the other half of the chains through the backpack to the right to create the pull string.  (You are weaving through to the front of the backpack).
  5. Make two large knots at the end of the chains so that they cannot be pulled back through and lost.

Final Assembly

  1. Sew on your button in the desired location
  2. Weave in any ends.

Congratulations! You have just created a Lady Jackson Backpack! 

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Thank you for coming and spending time making this backpack! I hope you enjoy your newest project! If you would like to purchase the ad free PDF of this pattern please check out my shops on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveCrochet!
These links go directly to my designer platforms so you can find all of my other patterns as well!
Additionally, find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook @mickylathemaker
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Happy stitching,

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