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Free As A Breeze Tee: Free Crochet Summer Top Pattern

Looking for a fun and stylish summer top pattern to add to your warm weather wardrobe? Then you’re going to love the Free as a Breeze Tee, which is the latest free crochet pattern here on my blog from Carroway Crochet! This cute summer top pattern is the perfect summer top or layering piece to wear with your favorite outfit. Made from two panels, it is great for beginner crocheters and works up super quickly!

This free crochet pattern was designed by Carroway Crochet, who is generously sharing her pattern here for free on my blog as one of my guest bloggers. So I’ll hand things off to her, and let her share this awesome pattern with you!

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Intro to Carroway Crochet
Hi there, I am Pam
Carr, the designer of the The Free as a Breeze Tee. I have been crocheting most of my life. I started knitting as a child and then again at college in England. Then I had an on and off relationship with fibre arts as I raised my children. I loved to knit and crocheted clothes for them and I got into macrame, but I stopped working with yarn for years as I pursued a varied career as a singer/songwriter, professional story teller, visual artist and primary teacher.

In 2015 there were several losses in my life and I returned to crochet as a means of therapy to process all the changes. I opened my Etsy shop and it went through several evolutions. I also started a halfhearted blog but forgot to post on it, lol 

As my stock grew I started selling at the local Farmer’s Market and then began designing my own patterns, starting with bralettes and shorts.  In January of this year I started my Carroway Crochet Blog and I am devoted to it as it ticks so many boxes for me. I get to share my patterns and also build community as people communicate with me about what they love and need. Also through my blog I am meeting and making meaningful connections with so many fellow makers and designers. I am slowly building my YouTube Channel and love the responses I am getting from that platform as well.


About the Free as a Breeze Tank

The Free as a Breeze Tee is a light and airy summer tee. It is so perfect for hot days and can also be layered as the weather gets cooler.

I used the Herringbone Half Double crochet stitch and a larger hook for this tee and this gives it the special airy texture that I just love.  This summer tee would also be great to throw on over a bikini or swim suit as a cover up.

You can make the Free as a Breeze Tee with your choice of worsted weight yarn, either acrylic or cotton, just look for the number (4) on the yarn label. I went with Caron Cotton Cakes as I love the lightness of the yarn and the airy feel it creates with this pattern.


About the Yarn

I used Yarnspirations Caron Cotton Cakes for The Free as a Breeze Tee and I was smitten with the Cracked Pepper Colourway.  I loved the feel and texture of this yarn. One cake easily made this tee and there was lots left for other stash busting projects.

Caron Cotton Cakes come in both solid and stripe shades and the colours coordinate perfectly for your Spring/Summer knit and crochet projects! It is such a soft and versatile yarn with its unique cotton/acrylic blend.  As I said, the larger ball size is ideal for creating so many projects. It is great for accessories, light blankets and other home décor projects. I am looking forward to using this yarn more in the future and having fun mixing the solids and stripes with these trending shades!

Caron Cotton Cakes are a  60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic blend and each skein weighs
 8.8 oz / 250 g. There are 530 yards or 485 m in each skein. Solots of scope for great crochet inspiration.


Design Inspiration

The inspiration for my Free as a Breeze Tee crochet pattern was the Herringbone Half Double crochet stitch and my desire to create a light and airy summer tee. So I chose a larger hook to create the almost lacy quality of this tee. This is my third pattern using the herringbone stitch. My Herringbone Poncho pattern used the Herringbone Double crochet while my Sunrise French Press Cozy uses the Herringbone Half Double crochet but with a smaller hook.

I wanted this to be a beginner friendly pattern that also had a great texture and added style by using this special stitch.

I decided on using Caron Cotton Cakes in Cracked Pepper as I love the muted neutral shades for this versatile tee.


You can get the printer friendly ad free PDF from my Ravelry shop.


  • Yarn: worsted weight yarn (4) I used one skein of Yarnspirations Caron Cotton Cakes in Cracked Pepper.
    • You can use any worsted weight yarn. (4)
  • Hook: Size L/11 – 8 mm
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: 19 hhdc x 6 hhdc rows = 4”x 4″ (10 cm) with a L hook

Abbreviations (uses US conventions)

Ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
hhdc = herringbone half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Special stitch for this pattern:

Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC)

To make the HHDC stitch:

1. Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)
2. Pull first loop straight through the second (similar to a slip stitch)
3. Yarn over, pull through two remaining loops on hook.

That’s it! How easy is that, and what a fun texture it creates!

Pattern Notes:

This pattern uses US terminology. The US and UK crochet terms are different, but they use the same terms to describe different stitches. Here is a simple conversion chart for anyone in the UK.


Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Single Crochet (sc)



   Half Treble crochet (htr)

   Double Crochet (dc)



This top has been designed to fit loosely, so it can be worn over bikinis  or cami tops. If you want a more tightly fitting top you can adjust accordingly.

Finished Bust Measurements:

  • XS:   28”-30” [71-76cm]
  • Small:   32”-34″ [81-86.5 cm]
  • Medium:  36-38″ [91.5-96.5 cm]
  • Large:  40-42″ [101.5-106.5 cm]
  • XL:    44-46″ [112-117 cm]
  • 2/3X:  48-54″ [122-137 cm]
  • 4/5 XL:  54”-56” [137-142 cm]

Panel Size:

The actual size of your panels should be approximately




Extra Small 












X Large



2/3 XL



4/5 XL



Free as a Breeze Top Pattern

The Front and Back:

This top is made with two identical pieces which form the back and front of the garment. 

Chain  39, (41, 44 , 46,  49, 53, 57 )

Ch 2 at start of each row does not count as a stitch

Row 1:  HDC into second chain from the hook, hdc across. Ch2 and turn. 38 (40, 43, 45, 48, 52, 56)

Row 2: HHDC in each st across, ch 2 and turn, 38, (40, 43, 45, 48, 52, 56)

Rows 2 forms the pattern

Repeat row 2 until total length measures,

16” (17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, 22”), [40.5, (43, 45.5, 48, 53.5, 56.5) cm]

 Fasten off and weave in the ends

Now make your second side.



Lay one piece down (the back) with the right side up. Make sure your bottom is at the bottom.

Lay the front piece down on top of it with the right side facing down. Once again check to make sure your bottom row is at the bottom.

Match up the sides and whip stitch them together from the bottom making sure the rows line up.  Leave 8.5” open from the top for the arm holes.


Sewing up the Shoulders

Leave the top with right sides facing each other for this stage of construction.

Lay the top down on a flat surface.

Count 13, (13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20) stitches in from each side, and mark with a stitch marker or pins.  These will be the shoulders of your top. Whip stitch the shoulders together. Fasten off and weave in the ends.



Turn the top so the right sides are facing out.

You will be doing a single crochet trim around the edge of each arm opening and the neck opening.

Attach yarn to the underarm where the side seams are and ch 1.  Single crochet around the opening, making 2 sc into each row of hhdc. When you are back at the side seam under the arm sl st to the top of the first sc and fasten off and weave in the ends.

Repeat this for the other arm opening.

Next attach the yarn to the neck opening on one side. Ch1 and single crochet around the neck opening making one sc into each st around. Fasten off and weave in the ends.


You now have a beautiful Free as a Breeze Tee.


I hope you enjoy this pattern and it has inspired you to try making a summer top for yourself. This is a really simple construction and perfect for a first attempt at a crochet garment.

I would love to see you over at my blog at Carroway Crochetand please lets connect on social media. I would love to have you say hi on Instagram and over at my facebook group.

Thank you so much to EClaire Makery for having me here and I am so grateful to get to share this pattern here with you today.


Happy Stitching,



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