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Do ever feel that sense of adventure calling you to travel around the world, but maybe aren’t able to be the world traveler that you’ve always wanted to be? That’s definitely the boat that I’m in! As someone with a lot of food allergies, it makes it very difficult to travel around the world. I’ve dreamed of seeing all of the amazing wonders out there, but don’t know if I’ll ever be able to actually see them.
That’s where crochet can save the day again! Instead of traveling, I would have maps around my house, and today I have just the pattern for every travel lover! It’s the Crochet World Map Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket by Coffee and Crochet Goals. Not only is it a gorgeous design, but it perfectly captures the world in a blanket.
She uses Red Heart Super Saver’s variegated green yarn to create this beautiful texture on the continents, and found the perfect blue yarn to contrast it. It almost has the effect of looking at the world from space. It’s amazing! So with that, I’m happy to introduce Carly from Coffee and Crochet Goals!
World Map Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern by E'Claire Makery Guest Blogger Coffee and Crochet Goals
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Hello!  My name is Carly, the crochet designer behind Coffee and Crochet Goals.  I have always been an avid crafter, and once I finally figured how to crochet I was hooked!  A good morning for me starts with a cup of coffee and a few rows of crochet.  I currently post all of my crochet patterns for free on my website at:!  I learned by following free patterns and Youtube videos, so I hope I can return the favor and inspire your next crochet goal.
The making of this World Map Blanket actually took years.  I had been doodling maps across many sheets of trusty graph paper, but have never picked up my hook and started it.  I seemed to be waiting for… something.  Then one day, while wandering the aisles of my local Joann’s I found THE yarn.  Sometimes a pattern can be inspired by home décor, toys, or a simple color pallet and sometimes a pattern starts with the yarn.  I truly believe that these shades of greens in Red Heart’s Green Tones, make this blanket come to life.  With only two yarn colors you are able to create this worldly design – and with minimum ends to weave in, which is always a win for me!


Finished blanket measures 36 in x48 in

World Map Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern by E'Claire Makery Guest Blogger Coffee and Crochet Goals


     – Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook
     – Light Periwinkle, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (3 skeins)
     – Green Tones, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (2 skeins)
     – White, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (1 skein)
     – Tapestry Needle
     – Bobbins (optional – I use clothespins)

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  • This blanket is created with the Corner to Corner method, and uses the stitches used in that method (double crochet, slip stitch, chain)
  • CH – chain stitch
  • SL ST – slip stitch
  • SC – single crochet
  • SK – skip

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If you have already dabbled in corner to corner crochet you know you will only need the graph below to complete your Crochet World Map Blanket.  If you are new to corner to corner; WARNING: this crochet technique is very addicting!  You can make just about any design come to life and it works up so quickly.  Do not be scared off by this technique, it really only contains double crochets, chains and slip stitches.  Once you figure out the concept you will be hooked.
World Map Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Graph by Coffee and Crochet Goals
I always like a border to finish off my projects, but for this particular blanket I choose to add an extremely simple edging so that the map image was the star of the show.
Attach the white yarn into any space between tiles and CH3, counts as first SC and CH2.  SK 1 tile and 1SC into the next space between tiles.  Continue around the blanket with 1SC between tiles and CH2, SK 1 tile.  IN THE CORNERS make sure to place a SC into the point, CH2 and 1 SC into the same point.  SL ST to the beginning and tie in those loose ends.
Thank you, Claire for sharing my Crochet World Map Blanket with all of your followers,  I am so honored!  I would love to see how far this blanket reaches across the map, so make sure to tag me in your finished blanket @coffeeandcrochetgoals. While you’re there, make sure you hit follow me so you don’t miss out on any other free patterns!  Not on Instagram?  Don’t worry, I have a Facebook too: @CoffeeandCrochetGoals.
Happy hooking!

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