Boho Twist Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

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Boho Twist Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

No matter what time of year, starting your market prep early is always a good idea! If you’re in need of a beautiful crochet scarf to add to your list of market goods, then the latest free crochet pattern, the Boho Twist Scarf, from designer Jade Wald is exactly what you need. Made from comfy Bernat Blanket yarn, it’s a cozy crochet scarf to keep you warm in winter. It features a lovely braided crochet cable pattern that creates the twist on the scarf, which give it a unique texture to it. No matter what color you make it in, this crochet cable scarf will look amazing! You’ll love cuddling up with this easy crochet blanket scarf during the cold winter months. With that, let’s get to Jade’s pattern!

A Little About Me

Hi maker! My name is Jade, and I’m the designer behind Jaded Crafts and Creations. I started knitting 3 years ago after a tough personal loss. I heard that knitting was a great way to relax but also keep your hands and mind busy, which was just what I needed! I took a class (thank you, Michael’s) where I learned basic stitches. I enjoyed knitting but it didn’t flow well for me, however, my obsession with yarn was already deeply imbedded! 

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A few months later, a friend taught me a few crochet stitches. I was instantly hooked! (Ha!). I practiced crochet for the rest of that day and almost everyday thereafter. I often found myself adjusting patterns to better fit my needs and eventually started making my own designs. I enjoy creating home decor items and women’s fashion but may soon be dabbling in some baby items as well. 

I’m also a Mom to a sweet 6 month old baby girl. She makes appearances often as she’s is a great little model! Finding the balance between Mom life and business life has been tough but I’m slowly pursuing my passion again, one nap at a time! 

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The inspiration for this pattern came after completing my first cabled blanket. I was so amazed by the way a simple front post stitch could add so much dimension to a project! I also love working with Bernat Blanket yarn, so I look for any opportunity to use it! It’s a very cozy, chenille style yarn and works up with gorgeous texture. This boho twist scarf is like a beautiful portion of a cabled blanket! It’s an oversized long crochet scarf, super warm, and luxuriously soft.

Techniques Used in the Pattern

Cabled projects can seem daunting if you’ve never tried them, but you’ll soon find them addicting! This is definitely a technique you’ll want to learn! You have to pay careful attention to counting your stitches. However, it’s no harder than following a regular pattern, and the results are pretty amazing! Soon this braided crochet cable pattern will come naturally to you. Since this is made in Bernat Blanket Yarn, the big stitches will help you keep track of your cables, and help make this an easy crochet pattern. Let’s get to the pattern!

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Pattern Difficulty:

Intermediate or Advanced Beginner – if you like to challenge yourself!

Finished Size:

8 1/4 inches (21cm) wide x 81 inches (206cm) long (not including fringe)

This was my finished size with 2 full skeins. You can choose to make yours shorter, if you like. Fringe is also optional!

Supplies List:


8 rows x 9 stitches in Single Crochet = 4 inches

Stitch Abbreviations(US Standard):

  • CH = chain
  • ST = stitch
  • SC = single crochet
  • FPTC = front post triple crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • I crochet with loose tension. If you crochet with tight tension, you may need to go up a hook size or more.
  • Chain 1 is not counted as a stitch.
  • I designed this scarf to be extra long but I’m also a giant, measuring in at 6ft tall. You can make yours shorter if you please, just keep trying it on until it’s the length you are happy with.


Boho Twist Blanket Scarf Pattern:


Cut thirty six 18 inch pieces. Set aside.

*Cut your fringe before you start to ensure you have enough yarn.*

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Foundation Chain: Leave a 9 inch tail.(to blend in with your fringe) CH19

Row 1: (Right Side): 1SC into 2nd CH from hook, 1SC into each CH to end. CH1, Turn. (18SC)

Row 2: SC across, CH1, Turn (18SC)

Row 3: (Cable fountain): 2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC, 6FPTC, 2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC. CH1, Turn. (8SC,10FPTC) *This row sets where your cables will be for the rest of your scarf*

Row 4: Same as row 2. (18SC)

Row 5: *Work front posts around front posts from last row. Work single crochets into current row. Single crochets anchor the cables.*

2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC, 6FPTC, 2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC. CH1, Turn. (18SC,10FPTC)

Row 6: Same as row 2.

Row 7: 2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC, Skip 3 FPTC, 3FPTC, go back and work 3 skipped FPTC (You are crossing back to the skipped stitches. This creates the cable twist.) 2SC, 2FPTC, 2SC. CH1, Turn.

Row 8: Same as row 2. * be sure to count your stitches, it’s easy to miss one in the cable crossover.*

Row 9: Same as row 3. * First 3 FPTC will be hidden behind cable crossover. You can see them from the back – it helps to grab hold of the stitch to make sure you get the right one.*

Repeat rows 2-9 until desired length – ending on row 9. CH1, turn.

To finish:

Row 1: SC across, CH1, turn.

Row 2: SC across. Tie off leaving a 9 inch tail (if you are having fringe)

Add 1 piece of fringe to each SC. To add fringe: fold one strand in half, insert into SC, bring end of strands through the loop (created by folding in half), pull tight.

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This pattern doesn’t have fun summer vibes but I know a lot of you are working hard on the fall market prep! Bernat has some new colours and the burnt mustard is drool worthy! Does that get any more perfect for fall? I think it would look gorgeous with this pattern… just saying! 

I hope you enjoyed the Boho Twist Scarf! To celebrate this guest blog post – the ad free PDF is currently on sale for $1 on my website and on Ravelry. The PDF comes with two versions, one written as you see here on the blog and one with step by step photos for a little extra guidance!

Happy stitching,

~Jade Wald

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