Starburst C2C Quilt Block: Free Crochet Blanket Square Pattern

Starburst C2C Quilt Block: Free Crochet Blanket Square Pattern

If you love classic quilts, then you’re going to love my latest free C2C crochet pattern: the Starburst Quilt Square! This C2C crochet blanket pattern can be made into a blanket by itself, or you can join it with my C2C crochet mystery quilt. It even includes a video tutorial, so that this C2C crochet blanket is beginner friendly and nice and easy. You’re going to love it!


I am a big fan of classic crochet quilt, and am always looking for new ways to bring vintage quilt designs to life through crochet! For this quilt square, I was inspired by the classic starburst design. I love the geometric style of this design, and there’s just something about it that makes me happy! My goal was to capture the geometric triangles and squares that come together to create an exploding star. Through a lot of trial and error, I’m super excited with the result!

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C2C crochet is one of my favorite crochet mediums to make blankets with, and it was perfect for the style of this square. Since quilt blocks are done with such defined lines, they transfer over very well into C2C crochet. I made my quilt square with dk weight yarn, and the double crochet C2C stitch. What’s great about this pattern is that you can use two different weights of yarn to make it. If you want to use worsted weight yarn, then you use the C2C crochet half double crochet stitch. If you want to use DK weight yarn, then you do the normal double crochet C2C crochet stitch! That way you can use whatever yarn you’d like to for this.

I’ve created a video tutorial on my Youtube channel to help walk you through making this square! You can find that tutorial on my channel: Starburst C2C Quilt Block Tutorial.

Temperature Blanket or Patchwork?

The great thing about this pattern, is that you can make it two different ways! I have a temperature blanket version available, where you get to pick out all of the colors and color in the pattern based off of what your daily temperatures are. Then there is a pre-filled patchwork version available! That version just involves you making it and choosing the colors. I’ve done all the other work for you. It’s also the version that has a written pattern since all of the blocks are laid out already. It’s totally customizable to what you want it to be!

If you want to make a temperature blanket, but don’t know how, be sure to check out my blog post: How to Crochet a Temperature Blanket!

2020 C2C Mystery Quilt Crochet Along

Right now through the whole year of 2020, we’re doing a crochet along for this quilt square along with 11 other blocks for the 2020 C2C Mystery Quilt Crochet Along! Each month throughout the year, I’ll be revealing a new quilt block that can be made into an entire quilt by the end of the year. I’ll be hosting the crochet along in my Facebook group, and we’ll be having everything from giveaways to lives that you can take part in! You can also get all 12 blocks for the mystery quilt without having to wait. You can find the full pattern in my Etsy or Ravelry stores! To find out more info about the crochet along, head to my blog post: 2020 C2C Mystery Quilt Crochet Along.




  • Worsted Weight Size:
    • Main Color: MC –  84 yds
    • CC1 – 51 yds
    • CC2 – 26 yds
  • DK Weight Size:
    • MC – 103 yds
    • CC1 – 63 yds
    • CC2 – 32 yds
  • Size I crochet hook (Shop my favorite crochet hooks from Furls Crochet!)
  • Bobbins (optional)
  • Scissors


  • Worsted Weight 4” x 4” = 6 squares by 6 squares
  • Dk Weight 4” x 4” = 6 squares by 6 squares


  • Each square measures 14″ x 14″
  • The finished dimensions of the squares sewn together is approximately 42″ wide by 56″


  • C2C = corner to corner
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • MC = Main Color
  • CC1 = Contrast Color 1
  • CC2 = Contrast Color 2

Pattern Notes:

  • Get this quilt square and 11 others when you buy the complete discounted PDF mystery quilt pattern on Etsy or Ravelry! You won’t have to wait each month to have each block revealed as a part of the mystery crochet along!
  • Want to avoid crochet mistakes while crocheting this pattern? Learn how to avoid them with my post on my blog: 10 Mistakes Common Mistakes Crocheters Make and How to Avoid Them.
  • Each block can be made with two different weights of yarn, if you’re using worsted weight then use the hdc C2C crochet stitch, and if using dk weight then use the normal dc C2C crochet stitch.
  • This pattern is made using US crochet terminology
  • This pattern is made using C2C (corner to corner) crochet.
  • I recommend reading through the pattern completely before beginning just to make sure that you understand everything in the pattern.
  • Color changes happen are indicated by the color appearing in parentheses. See chart for full picture of the color changes.
  • The arrows at the beginning of the rows indicate what direction the row is worked on in the chart.


Starburst Quilt Block Video Tutorial:

Starburst Quilt Block Pattern (Patchwork version):

If you are making this quilt block as the pre-filled patchwork version, you’ll use the chart below. If you are using worsted weight yarn, you will use the C2C half double crochet stitch, and if you’re using dk weight yarn then you’ll use the normal double crochet C2C stitch.

The block pictured in the pictures above is the temperature blanket version, and below is the patchwork version.

Follow the chart working diagonally, starting from the bottom right corner, and working your way to the top left corner. To get the written version of this pattern, along with the watermarks removed, it is available with all 11 other blocks in the 2020 C2C Mystery Quilt on Etsy or Ravelry!

If you would like to make the temperature blanket version, you can get the charts to fill out with your temperatures in the premium discounted pdf with all of the Mystery Quilt blocks for cheaper than a cup of coffee! You can find them in my in my shops on Etsy or Ravelry!

I hope that you have a ton of fun making this crochet quilt square! I can’t wait to see the beautiful blankets that you’ll make from it! Be sure to tag me on social media @eclairemakery if you make one, and use #eclairemakery.

Happy stitching,


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