Pinewood Beanie: Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Pinewood Beanie: Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Crisp mountain air and the smell of pine trees are some of my favorite things. Ever since I moved closer to the mountains, I’ve wanted to go there as much as possible, and it’s been inspiring me in so many of my designs. One of those designs is my brand new free crochet pattern, the Pinewood Beanie, which is a beginner friendly tapestry crochet winter hat pattern. It features simple pine tree motifs, uses single crochets and double crochets, has an easy construction, and includes a video tutorial for how to crochet this women’s beanie.


My inspiration for this crochet hat design was taken from the mountains. I wanted to create a stylish women’s crochet winter hat that would go great with your favorite winter outfit. I love how tapestry crochet makes some of the cutest cozy crochet accessories, especially when they use chunky yarn. This one looks like pine trees in the snow, which is one of the most magical things! It’s simple and modern design is just the touch of color that your winter outfits need.

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My goal with this tapestry crochet pattern was to make it as simple as possible, so that any skill level of crocheter would be able to make this cute hat. It starts out being crocheted flat, and then is joined together to crochet in the round. You then do tapestry crochet in the round in the back loops only using single crochets to crochet the rest of the hat. Once the hat is all crocheted, you use a basting stitch to cinch the top together to close it up, and make your new favorite cute hat! If you like using color graphs for your patterns, the $2 discounted ad-free premium PDF copy is just what you need!

The Yarn

For this pattern I used two of my favorite super bulky yarns: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and Hometown USA. I love how these two yarns work up for bulky projects, and they make such a warm cozy fabric for anything you use it for. They work wonderfully for any hat that you want to make. I struggle with my ears getting too cold, and these two yarns make sure they don’t get cold! You could also use another favorite super bulky yarn to make this since this pattern is so easy to switch colors with.

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  • Ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dec = single crochet decrease
  • st = stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • rnd = round
  • r = row
  • blo = back loops only

Pattern Notes:

  • Want to avoid crochet mistakes while crocheting this pattern? Learn how to avoid them with my blog post: 10 Mistakes Common Mistakes Crocheters Make and How to Avoid Them.
  • Want a color chart to help make this hat easier to crochet? Grab the $2 discounted PDF in my Etsy and Ravelry stores!
  • This pattern uses US crochet stitch terminology.
  • This pattern starts out worked flat, is joined together, and then worked in the round.
  • The pattern involves color changes using tapestry crochet. Experience with color work is recommended, but if you’re a beginner to tapestry crochet than you can totally do it!
  • If you’ve never done tapestry crochet before, I’ve created a beginner’s guide to tapestry crochet that shows you how to do it. See the written and photo tutorial at The Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet.
  • I recommend reading through the pattern completely before beginning just to make sure that you understand everything in the pattern.
  • Color changes happy in the middle of the rows in this pattern. The color changes are indicated in the written pattern by a new color in parentheses (for example: (MC) hdc 1, (SC) hdc 2

Pinewood Beanie Video Tutorial:

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Pinewood Beanie Pattern


Starting with SC

Row 1: ch 7, starting in 3rd ch from hook dc 5

Row 2 (in blo): ch 2, turn, dc 5

Row 3 (in flo): ch 2, turn, dc 5

Rows 4-21: repeat rows 2-3

Join row 1 to row 21 by slip stitch through the stitches on each row.

Main Part of Beanie:

You’ll start working in the round now by crocheting along the top of the brim. For a complete color graph of the rest of the pattern, grab a copy of the $2 discounted ad-free pdf copy.

Rnd 1: (Cream) ch 1, sc 5, (Brown) sc 2, (Cream) sc 12, (Brown) sc 2, (Cream) sc 12, (Brown) sc 2, (Cream) sc 7, join with sl st to ch 1 at beginning of round

Rnd 2: (Cream) sc 2, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 6, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 6, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 4

Rnd 3: (Cream) sc 2, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 6, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 6, (Green) sc 8, (Cream) sc 4

Rnd 4: (Cream) sc 3, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 8, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 8, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 5

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Rnd 5: (Cream) sc 3, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 8, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 8, (Green) sc 6, (Cream) sc 5

Rnd 6: (Cream) sc 4, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 10, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 10, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 6

Rnd 7: (Cream) sc 4, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 10, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 10, (Green) sc 4, (Cream) sc 6

Rnd 8: (Cream) sc 5, (Green) sc 2, (Cream) sc 12, (Green) sc 2, (Cream) sc 12, (Green) sc 2, (Cream) sc 7

Rnd 9-11: (Cream) sc 42

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing the top of the beanie closed. Thread your yarn needle, and using a basting stitch weave your yarn needle through the top of the beanie. Pull the yarn to tighten the top till it is closed. Fasten off and weave in ends. (See Video Tutorial for how to do this if you haven’t done it before.)

Optional: Sew Faux Fur Pom Pom to the top of your beanie. I have some great ones available in my shop. Shop the Pom Poms in my shop here!

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I hope you love your brand new hat! If you make a Chevron Beanie of your own, be sure to tag me on social media @eclairemakery on Instagram and Facebook. I’d love to share your photos! I can’t wait to see the awesome hat that you crochet!

Happy stitching,


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