May Flowers Blanket Crochet Along: Assembly and Border

May Flowers Blanket Crochet Along: Assembly and Border

Isn’t it exciting?? All of the May Flowers Blanket squares are now on the blog, and there’s just one more part left to do till this beautiful crochet flower blanket is complete. Creating each of the tapestry crochet graphs for this crochet pattern has been so much fun. Now that all of the blocks are on the blog, it’s time to assemble all of them and crochet the easiest crochet blanket border around the seamed squares to make a double crochet border.

This blog post walks you through how to assemble the squares in the May Flowers Blanket, which you’ll do once you’ve made all of them. All of the tapestry crochet flower blocks are available for free on my blog. You can find them each by clicking on the names below:

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If charts are more of your thing, you can grab the 39 page ad free pdf the has both the written version and complete color charts for each block. I’m definitely a chart person when it comes to making tapestry crochet, so I’m all about the charts for these flower blocks!

Once you have each of the May Flowers blanket squares crocheted, then we’ll start on assembly. I arranged my blocks in the following order from left to right (picture below shows the arrangement I did):

Top Row – Daisy, Dahlia, Rose

Middle Row – Zinnia, Hibiscus, Poppy

Bottom Row – Daffodil, Tulip, Sunflower

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Seaming the May Flowers Blanket Squares

I’ve created a tutorial on how to seam crochet pieces together that will help make seaming super easy! It details 4 different ways you can use to sew up the May Flowers Blanket. You can find the tutorial here at: 4 Ways to Seam Up Crochet Pieces.

1. Before you start seaming, arrange the blocks as pictured above. Then begin seaming each one together.

2. Seam them in rows of 3 across. You’ll have 3 sets of 3 blocks sewn together.

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3. Once you have the 3 rows done, begin attaching the rows together.

Crocheting the Border

1. To begin crocheting the double crochet border, start by slip stitching through one of the corners on the blanket.

2. ch 2

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3. Dc 2 in same stitch you slip stitched in.

4. Once you dc 2 in the first corner, *dc along the edge to the next corner. When you get to the next corner, dc 2, ch 2, dc 2 in the next st. Repeat from * 2 more times. Dc to first corner, in last stitch before the corner, dc 2, ch 2, join with slip stitch to chain 2 at beginning of round.

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5. For next row, begin by ch 2, dc to the first ch 2 space, in *ch 2 space (dc 2, ch 2, dc 2), dc to next ch 2 space, repeat from * 2 more times, dc to last ch 2 space, dc 2 in ch 2 space, ch 2, join with sl st to ch 2 at beginning of round.

Once you’ve finished doing that last row, then your blanket is complete!

I hope that you love your completed May Flowers Blanket! Be sure to tag me @eclairemakery on Instagram and Facebook if you share a photo. I’d love to share it too!

Happy stitching,