Llama Love Sweater: Intarsia Crochet Sweater Pattern

I don’t know what it is about llamas, but there is something about them that I just love! If something has a llama on it, chances are that I will want it! If you have a llama lover in your life or are one yourself, then you are going to love my latest crochet sweater pattern: the Llama Love Sweater! It’s an intarsia crochet sweater pattern designed with beginners in mind, that comes in kids and adult sizes. It’s perfect for mommy and me sets, or just cuddling up with your favorite book.



For a long time I wished that I could have a crochet llama sweater to cuddle up in, but I could never find one. So I set out to design one! I based a lot of the design around my Llama Wall Hanging pattern, available for free here on my blog. I loved using bobbles as the llama fur in that design, and wanted to replicate that same crochet texture on this sweater pattern. This time though, it would be with the whole llama on it!

My goal with designing this intarsia crochet sweater pattern, was to make a garment that people who were new to intarsia crochet would be able to make. I know how intimidating color work can be, but you can totally do it! This crochet pullover is the perfect place to start with color work!

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Since this pattern was created with beginners in mind, the construction for this intarsia crochet sweater was designed to be as simple as possible. The sweater is made from two panels that are seamed together, and then have the sleeves worked off of them. You’ll only be doing color work on the front panel of the sweater, so there isn’t a lot involved! This construction type spans across all of the sizes, kids and adults, so you’ll be using the same techniques for them.

The stitches used in this design are the lemon peel stitch and the bobble stitch. The lemon peel stitch is made from alternating single crochet and double crochet stitches, with each one separately counting as one lemon peel stitch. Check out my tutorial for instruction on how to do it at: Lemon Peel Stitch Tutorial. You can also find a bobble stitch tutorial here on my blog if you’ve never done it. It’s found on my blog at: Bobble Stitch Tutorial.

One of my favorite parts about this pattern, is that it is completely adjustable. Since every body type is different, whether it is a child or an adult, I’ve added notes within the pattern so that you can adjust it to your size. If you want it to be more oversized, just add some stitches to the panel width! Want it longer? No problem! You can add as many rows as you want to make this extra cozy. The sleeves can also be adjusted to the length you want. It can be made completely unique to you or your child!

If you’re new to intarsia crochet, no problem! I have a Beginner’s Guide to Intarsia Crochet here on my blog, which teaches you all of the things you need to know to do intarsia crochet. This is a great starting point for putting all of the techniques in that tutorial to use. You can find the tutorial here on my blog at: The Beginner’s Guide to Intarsia Crochet.

Includes 22 Sizes!

Yep, you read that right; this pattern comes in 22 sizes! It starts out with 12-18 months, and goes all the way to 5XL. Originally I was going to just have this sweater be in adult sizes, but then one of my followers suggested kids sizes, and I know I had to do it! If you’ve been dreaming of having mommy and me sweaters to make, then let’s make those dreams come true with this design!

The pattern is broken up into different sections created for each size grouping. The sizes are grouped into: 12-18 months to size 6; size 7 to 16; XS to L; followed by XL to 5XL. See the measurements below, and within the pattern, to know what size would fit best. It is designed with positive ease to be oversized, and you can always make it more oversized if you’d like that.

The Yarn

This intarsia crochet sweater uses worsted weight yarn in any color combination you’d like! You’ll need a main color for the majority of the sweater, a color for your llama’s body, and various colors for the other parts of the llama. I used Hobby Lobby Soft and Sleek for my main color, and then used various scrap yarns for the llama.

Some other yarns that my testers used for the body of the sweater were Lion Brand Basic Stitch (one of my favorite yarns), Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Soft, Lion Brand Pound of Love, and Loops and Threads Soft and Shiny. You can really use any worsted weight yarn to make it! It’s a great stash buster if you’ve got some extra worsted weight yarn lying around.

Finished Bust Measurements Kids Sizes (includes 1” positive ease):

  • 12-18M: 19”
  • 18-24M: 20”
  • 2T: 21”
  • 3T: 22”
  • 4: 23”
  • 5: 24”
  • 6: 25”
  • 7: 26”
  • 8: 27”
  • 10: 29”
  • 12: 30”
  • 14: 31”
  • 16: 32”

Sweater Length Kids Sizes:

If you would like your sweater to have room to grow, I recommend going up a size, or using the length to base your sweater off instead of the bust. You can always adjust any size to be what you want it to be (notes for this within the pattern).

  • 12-18M: 12”
  • 18-24M: 12”
  • 2T: 13”
  • 3T: 13”
  • 4: 14”
  • 5: 14”
  • 6: 15”
  • 7: 15”
  • 8: 16”
  • 10: 17”
  • 12: 19”
  • 14: 20”
  • 16: 21”

Finished Bust Measurements Women’s Sizes (includes 4″ of positive ease):

  • XS: 32”
  • S: 36”
  • M: 40”
  • L: 44”
  • Xl: 48”
  • 2XL: 52”
  • 3XL: 56”
  • 4XL: 60”
  • 5XL: 64”

Finished Length Measurements Women’s Sizes:

  • XS: 22”
  • S: 22”
  • M: 24”
  • L: 24”
  • XL: 27”
  • 2XL: 27”
  • 3XL: 28”
  • 4XL: 29”
  • 5XL: 29”


  • Main Color (MC): Worsted Weight 4 yarn (I used Hobby Lobby Soft & Sleek)
    • Kids Sizes (approximate yardage):
      • 12-18M: 325 yds
      • 18-24M: 368 yds
      • 2T: 398 yds
      • 3T: 500 yds
      • 4: 536 yds
      • 5: 566 yds
      • 6: 598 yds
      • 7: 638 yds
      • 8: 693 yds
      • 10: 844 yds
      • 12: 870
      • 14: 900
      • 16: 920
    • Women’s Sizes (approximate yardage):
      • XS: 950 yds
      • S:  975 yds
      • M: 1036 yds
      • L: 1055 yds
      • XL: 1143 yds
      • 2XL: 1268 yds
      • 3XL: 1394 yds
      • 4XL: 1416 yds
      • 5XL: 1464 yds
  • Contrast Color 1 (CC1): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in cream or white (I used Hobby Lobby Soft & Sleek)
    • All sizes: 100 yds
  • Contrast Color 2 (CC2): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in tan
    • All sizes: 15 yards
  • Contrast Color 3 (CC3): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in any color (main part of blanket on llama)
    • All sizes: 15 yards
  • Contrast Color 4 (CC4): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in any color (accent on llama blanket)
    • All sizes: 10 yards
  • Contrast Color 5 (CC4): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in any color (accent on llama blanket)
    • All sizes: 10 yards
  • Contrast Color 6 (CC4): Worsted Weight 4 yarn in any color (accent on llama blanket)
    • All sizes: 10 yards
  • 6mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


  • Lemon peel stitch: single crochet 1, double crochet 1 (each one counted separately as one lemon peel stitch), check out the tutorial for this stitch here on my blog at: Lemon Peel Stitch Crochet Tutorial.
  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch
  • Sl st = slip stitch
  • Rnd = round
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Bobble = bobble stitch (*yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops,* repeat till you have six loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull yarn through all six) If you’ve never done a bobble stitch, check out my Bobble Stitch Crochet tutorial
  • FDC = foundation double crochet
  • FPDC = front post double crochet
  • BPDC = back post double crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern uses US crochet terminology.
  • Ch 2 at beginning of round does not count as a stitch.
  • This pattern is made from two panels sewn together, with the sleeves worked off of the two seamed pieces.
  • This pattern uses the intarsia crochet technique to create the llama color work. If you’re new to crochet color work, check out my intarsia crochet tutorial on my blog at: The Beginner’s Guide to Intarsia Crochet.
  • This pattern is made with 1” of positive ease for the kids sizes, and 4” of positive ease for the adults. If you would like the pattern to be more oversized, add an equal amount of stitches on each side of the panel (4.5 stitches per inch you want to add, round up if number is uneven). 

Llama Love Sweater Pattern

To get this pattern with all 22 sizes, you can find it listed in my shops on:


I hope that you love this crochet pattern as me and my testers do! It’s such a fun sweater to make! If you do make one of your own, be sure to tag me on social media @eclairemakery or use #eclairemakery.


Happy stitching,