How to Crochet the Shells and Pearls Stitch

One of my favorite parts of crochet is getting to combine crochet stitches to create all sorts of different combinations. As I’ve been crocheting garments, one of my go to crochet stitch patterns that I’ve come up with is what I like to call the Shells and Pearls stitch. It’s a combination of the shell stitch and horizontal puff stitch, which creates the affect of shells with pearls in between them. I love it! It’s a unique crochet lace stitch pattern that has beautiful drape, and is super easy to do!

This crochet lace stitch pattern has a lot of different uses. I’ve used it for tank tops, cardigans, and want to make a shawl using it. It would be really pretty on a dress, table runner, shawl, scarf, or anything else you’d like a lace pattern on. Two of my patterns that use it are the Cross Back Cardigan and the Ocean Waves Halter Top.

Since this crochet stitch pattern uses the shell stitch and horizontal puff stitch, it’s an advanced beginner stitch pattern. The pattern would be a great introduction to crochet lace if you’ve never done it before. By creating alternating rows of shell stitches and horizontal puff stitches, you’re able to crochet an open lace pattern using simple stitches you already know.

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  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sts = stitches
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • sk = skip


Shells and Pearls Crochet Stitch Youtube Tutorial

Shells and Pearls Crochet Stitch Photo Tutorial

Step 1 – Ch a starting ch with a multiple of 4 + 2.

Step 2 – Starting in 1st ch from hook, sc across.

Step 3 – ch 1, turn

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Step 4 – sc 1 in first st

Step 5 – sk 1, dc 1 in next st

Step 6 – dc 4 more in the same st

Step 7 – sk 1, sc 1 in next st, repeat steps 5-7 all the way across.

Step 8 – ch 2, turn

Step 9 – sc 1 in last st of previous row

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Step 10 – Yarn over

Step 11 – Insert hook behind and around post of first dc

Step 12 – Yarn over around the post

Step 13 – Repeat steps 10-12 two more times

Step 14 – Yarn over again, and pull yarn through all loops on hook

Step 15 – Ch 3

Step 16 – Sk over the shell stitch to the sc in between the shell stitches

Step 17 – Dc 1 in that sc, repeat steps 10-14 all the way across

Step 18 – Ch 1, turn

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Step 19 – Sc in top of last horizontal puff stitch

Step 20 – Sk to 2nd ch from ch 3 in previous row

Step 21 – Dc 5 in that 2nd ch

Step 22 – Sk to top of next horizontal puff st from previous row, repeat the shell sts all the way across. Then do alternating rows of shell sts and horizontal puff sts till you get your desired length.

And that is how you do the shells and pearls crochet stitch pattern!

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I hope you enjoyed this crochet tutorial, and I can’t wait to see what designs you create from this stitch pattern. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you can be the first to find out when I release a crochet tutorial on my blog!

Happy stitching,


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