Free Pumpkin Patch C2C Crochet Blanket Crochet Along

Free Pumpkin Patch C2C Crochet Blanket Crochet Along

Pumpkins, hayrides, apple picking, fall leaves and crisp morning air; these are the things that bring the fall season into my mind and get me ready for all of the cozy times. If you love fall, then you are going to love my latest free crochet pattern and crochet along: the Pumpkin Patch C2C crochet blanket! I’ve been wanting to create a blanket that captures everything I love about fall, and now you can too. Join me from September 13 to October 18 for this fun C2C crochet blanket crochet along!

The Blanket

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to design a blanket pattern that had all of my favorite fall things: pumpkins, apples, and fall leaves. What else brings fall to mind? Vintage red pickup trucks! Especially when they are used for hay rides. This corner to corner crochet blanket pattern captures all of those fall things! It’s the perfect fall crochet blanket pattern.

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What is a crochet along?

If you’ve never done a crochet along before and are wondering what it is, it is an event where each week part of a pattern is released and then you work through it over the course of the event. For this crochet along, we’ll be working through this blanket pattern and then having a fun community for the event in my Facebook group!

How does this crochet along work?

Each week I will be releasing a different square that is used in making the Pumpkin Patch Blanket. It will go from September 13 to October 25. There will be two squares the first week (both leaves), then the pumpkin, apple basket, and then the pickup truck square split over two weeks. Finally, we’ll have a week devoted to working on assembly for the blanket: blocking, edging, and joining the squares together. The free graphs for the patterns will be released here on my blog, and there will be video tutorials available for each as well! If you’d like to get a jumpstart on the blanket, or have written line by line instructions, you can find those all in the premium pdf in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

The crochet along (CAL) will be hosted within my Facebook group, where we’ll have posts to share about your progress, and a chance to win prizes! There are prizes from WeCrochet and Furls Crochet that I’m giving away to participants of the crochet along. You won’t want to miss out on these!

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Join the crochet along!

If you’d like to join the crochet along (CAL), it’s free! Just join my Facebook group by clicking the button below, and you can jump right in. There will be prizes given away from We Crochet and Furls Crochet! If you don’t have Facebook, you can still join the crochet along by using the free patterns here on my blog (you won’t be able to qualify for the prize giveaways though).

The Schedule

Each week a new pattern block from the blanket will be made available. Here’s the schedule for the crochet along:

  • Fall Leaf Squares (Sept. 13)
  • Pumpkin Square (Sept. 20)
  • Apple Basket Square (Sept. 27)
  • Pickup Truck Square Part 1 (Oct. 4)
  • Pickup Truck Square Part 2 (Oct. 11)
  • Blocking, Assembly and Edging (Oct. 18)

Yarn Info

If you want to make sure you have enough yarn to make the pattern, you’ll need the approximate amounts of yarn listed below. I used WeCrochet Brava Worsted to make mine!

Yarn: We Crochet Brava Worsted (218yds, 100g, 100% acrylic) or other worsted weight yarn in 10 colors:

  • Color A: White
  • Color B (Dark Brown): Brindle
  • Color C (Orange): Paprika
  • Color D (Dark Yellow): Canary 
  • Color E (Red): Wine
  • Color F (Light Brown): Almond
  • Color G (Light Yellow): Custard
  • Color H (Green): Dublin
  • Color I: Black
  • Color J: Silver

Approximate Yarn Yardage:

Color A: 512 (3 skeins of Brava Worsted)

Color B: 48 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color C: 216 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color D: 83 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color E: 383 (2 skeins of Brava Worsted)

Color F: 22 ( 1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color G: 729 (4 skeins of Brava Worsted)

Color H: 34 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color I: 38 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

Color J: 27 (1 skein of Brava Worsted)

The Pattern

Each week a new pattern graph will be made available here on my blog. If you want a jumpstart on the pattern though, then you can get the entire pattern (one piece and individual squares) in my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Check back here to get the free patterns each week!

Free patterns: