Coffee Mug Stitch: Free Tapestry Crochet Stitch Pattern

Coffee Mug Stitch: Free Tapestry Crochet Stitch Pattern

Do you love coffee and crochet, or maybe tea and crochet? Well, if you do, then you’re going to love the Coffee Mug Crochet Stitch! This tapestry crochet stitch pattern, is a beginner friendly tapestry crochet color work pattern that features adorable coffee mugs. If you’re new to crochet color work, this is a great place to start! You can even customize the mug color to match your favorite coffee mug!

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Before you begin

Before we get to the Coffee Mug Stitch, if you’re new to tapestry crochet color work, I’ve got a great tutorial here on my blog to teach you! I know that crochet color work can seem really intimidating, but trust me, once you get started on it, you won’t want to stop! All it takes is learning how to change colors, and you can make whatever color work pattern you want. In my tutorial, I even walk you through how I weave in my ends as I go! You can find my tapestry crochet tutorial with a practice pattern here on my blog at: The Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet.

I’ve also made a video tutorial for this crochet stitch, to walk you through all of the color changes and basic techniques you need to know! You can find it on my Youtube channel at: Coffee Mug Stitch Crochet Tutorial.

Stitch Exploration Event

This crochet stitch pattern is a part of the Stitch Exploration Event with Joy of Motion, Knitting With Chopsticks, and I! Throughout the month of June, we have put together 30 crochet stitches, with one releasing each day. They are all designed to help you grow your crochet skills, and range from lace stitches, to simple, to color work ones! You can find the post with all of the stitches at: Stitch Exploration Crochet Stitch Event.

Want to get all 30 stitches before they release?

As a part of the Stitch Exploration event, we’ve put together a bundle of all 30 stitches as printable pdfs! This way you’ll be able to have all of them before they even release, and can reference them anytime! Plus, with all 30 stitches, you can make a blanket! Within the pdfs, you’ll find photo tutorials, charts, and lots of written instructions walking you through each stitch. There are so many awesome stitches within the bundle that you will be able to use for lots of crochet designs and projects!

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24 sc x 23 rows = 6”/15 cm square


  • Worsted Weight Yarn in 3 colors
    • Main Color (MC)
    • Coffee Mug Color (Contrast Color 1 – CC1)
    • Coffee (Contrast Color 2 – CC2)
    • Steam (Contrast Color 3 – CC3)
  • US Size J (6mm) crochet hook
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends


  • Ch = chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • St = Stitch
  • RS = Right Side
  • WS = Wrong Side

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern is made using US crochet terminology.
  • Ch 1 at beginning of row does not count as a stitch.
  • If you’ve never done tapestry crochet before, I’ve created a beginner’s guide to tapestry crochet that shows you how to do it. See the written and photo tutorial at The Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet.
  • I recommend reading through the pattern completely before beginning just to make sure that you understand everything in the pattern.
  • Want to avoid crochet mistakes while crocheting this pattern? Learn how to avoid them with my post on my blog: 10 Mistakes Common Mistakes Crocheters Make and How to Avoid Them.
  • Color changes happen in the middle of the rows in this pattern. The color changes are indicated in the written pattern by a new color in parentheses (for example: (MC) sc 1, (CC1) sc 2.

Chart Notes:

  • Each square on the chart represents 1 stitch.
  • The chart is read starting from right to left, and alternating starting on each side of the chart.
  • All odd numbered rows are right side rows, and all even rows are wrong side rows.
  • For a printable version of the chart and written pattern, grab a copy of the Stitch Exploration Bundle with 30 crochet stitches!

Coffee Mug Stitch Video Tutorial:

Note: Within the video tutorial I did the example 21 stitches across. The written pattern is for a 6 inch square and is for 25 stitches across. They do the same way for making the coffee cup, it’s just the background that is different! Use the graph above as your main reference.

Coffee Mug Stitch Pattern:

For a printable version of the chart and written pattern, grab a copy of the printable Stitch Exploration pdf bundle with 29 others stitches.

Row 1 [RS]: (MC) ch 26, starting in second ch from hook, sc 25

Row 2 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 25

Row 3 [RS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 5, (CC1) sc 5, (MC) sc 7, (CC1) sc 5, (MC) sc 3

Row 4 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 2, (CC1) sc 8, (MC) sc 4, (CC1) sc 8, (MC) sc 3

Row 5 [RS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 2, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 1, (CC1) sc 7, (MC) sc 3, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 1, (CC1) sc 7, (MC) sc 2

Row 6 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 2, (CC1) sc 7, (MC) sc 1, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 3, (CC1) sc 7, (MC) sc 1, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 2

Row 7 [RS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 2, (CC1) sc 9, (MC) sc 3, (CC1) sc 9, (MC) sc 2

Row 8 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 2, (CC1) sc 1, (CC2) sc 2, (CC3) sc 1, (CC2) sc 2, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 5, (CC1) sc 1, (CC2) sc 2, (CC3) sc 1, (CC2) sc 2, (CC1) sc 1, (MC) sc 4

Row 9 [RS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 6, (CC3) sc 1, (MC) sc 11, (CC3) sc 1, (MC) sc 6

Row 10 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 5, (CC3) sc 2, (MC) sc 10, (CC3) sc 2, (MC) sc 6

Row 11-12 [WS]: (MC) ch 1, turn, sc 25

Repeat 2-12 till your swatch reaches the desired length. I repeated those rows 1 more time to get the size of swatch pictured above.


I hope that you enjoy this fun tapestry crochet stitch pattern, and are hooked on crochet color work now! If you make anything with this stitch pattern, be sure to tag me @eclairemakery and use #eclairemakery so I can share your crochet projects!

Happy stitching,


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