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Carry The World Crochet Reuseable Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

Every time around April I find myself thinking of ways that I could help protect this beautiful planet we live on, and one of my favorite practical ways to do this is to use re-useable tote bags! Growing up I lived in San Luis Obispo County, which was one of the first counties in the U.S.A. to get rid of plastic bags being used in stores. At first it was so strange to get used to bringing my own bags everywhere, and I didn’t like that extra step at all. However, I soon learned that making and buying reusable tote bags can be completely addicting! So as I was trying to come up with some ways that I could crochet to help the planet, I was inspired to design my Carry the World Tapestry Crochet Bag!

Inspiration Behind Design

This inspiration for this design mainly came from my desire to use crochet to help the planet during Earth Day. A lot of times using reusable bags can be at the back of your mind when you are shopping because it’s so much easier to just use plastic. If you love to crochet, guess what? We can make our own fun bags! We can combine one of our favorite things to do along with using a little less plastic. It’s a win win!

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Giving Back

Along with thinking about making reusable bags, I also wanted to create a pattern where I could use some of the proceeds from the design to give back to a non profit organization. I thought that making a pattern around earth day was the perfect way to raise some money to help some great causes that are helping protect our planet! Half of the proceeds from the paid version of this pattern are going to an organization that I think is aligned with exactly what I was hoping for. The organization I chose is the Surfrider Foundation. Growing up by the beach, I’ve had an awareness of how much we need to help take care of the ocean. The Surfrider Foundation does a wonderful job of not only bringing awareness, but also helps clean up the beaches and takes actionable steps to protecting the ocean. I’m a huge lover of the ocean, so this charity is perfect for what I wanted to do! I’m so excited to be donating half of the money from this pattern to them.

How You Make It

Sometimes having to make a bunch of different pieces for a crochet bag pattern makes me not want to make it at all, so I decided to simplify the different steps of this pattern. The main part of the bag is crocheted in one piece using half double crochets, and then you sew up the sides of the piece to make the bag. I used a combination of tapestry crochet and intarsia crochet to create the globe on the front of the bag. You can really use either technique, but I often find myself doing a lot of tapestry crochet to carry the yarn throughout crocheting. The straps of this tapestry crochet bag are created by using both the blue and green yarns I made the globe from, and together they create this beautiful sea foam color! All in all it’s a super straightforward bag!

The Yarn

Now, let’s talk about the yarn. In an effort to cut back on spending more on yarn, I decided to use some pastel yarns I had in my stash. I wanted the bag to have an old world map type of coloring, and Premier Yarns Everyday combined with Hobby Lobby was the perfect combination. I love using Premier Yarns Everyday because it is super soft, and it is anti pilling so you don’t get all of those flyaways from the yarn. Hobby Lobby was such a beautiful green color to pair with the other yarns, and it has a really nice sturdiness to it because it’s made with a combination of acrylic and cotton yarns. Together these yarns created a nice and sturdy crochet tote bag that I can’t wait to take on all of my shopping or library excursions. Let’s get to the pattern!

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  • Yarn weight 4, Worsted Weight yarn (I used Premier Everyday Yarn in Spa and Cream, and Hobby Lobby Sweet Delight in Mint.)
    • White: 203 yards
    • Blue: 100 yards
    • Green: 50 yards
  • Size J/10 6mm crochet hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • (If you’d like a color chart for the globe, the inexpensive Ad-free PDF has one. Click here to get a copy.)

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Stitches Used

  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • Ch = Chain
  • RS = right side
  • WS = Wrong side


  • This pattern is made using tapestry (or intarsia) crochet color work, which is done using multiple colors worked at the same time.
  • The bag is made in multiple pieces. The main part is one piece, and the two straps are each made separately.
  • The bag requires some sewing to seam up the sides of the bag and sew the strap on.
  • The pattern contains multiple color changes that are indicated by the color before the half double crochets done in it.
  • A complete color chart for the bag is included with the Ad-free PDF copy of this pattern


Main Bag:

Ch 40

Row 1 [RS]: (White) hdc 40

Row 2 [WS]: (White) hdc 40

Row 3 [RS]: (White) hdc 40

Row 4 [WS]: (White) hdc 40

Row 5 [RS]: (White) hdc 40

Row 6 [WS]: (White) hdc 13 , (Blue) hdc 14 , (White) hdc 13

Row 7 [RS]: (White) hdc 11 , (Blue) hdc 18 , (White) hdc 11

Row 8 [WS]: (White) hdc 10 , (Blue) hdc 6 , Green, (Blue) hdc 13 , (White) hdc 10

Row 9 [RS]: (White) hdc 9 , (Blue) hdc 13 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 7 , (White) hdc 9

Row 10 [WS]: (White) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 8 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 13 , Green, (White) hdc 8

Row 11 [RS]: (White) hdc 7 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 12 , (Green) hdc 4 , (Blue) hdc 8 , (White)hdc 7

Row 12 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 8 , (Green) hdc 5 , (Blue) hdc 11 , (Green) hdc 4 , (White) hdc 6

Row 13 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 4 , (Blue) hdc 11 , (Green) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 7 , (White)hdc 6

Row 14 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 15 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 5 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 9 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 16 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 9 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 17 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 5 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 9 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 18 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 10 , (Green) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 19 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 4 , (Blue) hdc 12 , (Green) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 6 , (White) hdc 6

Row 20 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 2 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 17 , (White) hdc 6

Row 21 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , Green, (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 14 , Green, (Blue) hdc 5 , (White) hdc 6

Row 22 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 4 , Green, (Blue) hdc 8, (Green) hdc 4 , Blue, (Green) hdc 3 , (White) hdc 6

Row 23 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 7 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 4 , (White) hdc 6

Row 24 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 3 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 13 , (Green) hdc 4 , (White) hdc 6

Row 25 [RS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Green) hdc 5 , (Blue) hdc 12 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 3 , (White) hdc 6

Row 26 [WS]: (White) hdc 6 , (Blue) hdc 3 , (Green) hdc 9 , (Blue) hdc 2 , Green, (Blue) hdc 6, Green, (Blue) hdc 2 , (Green) hdc 4 , (White) hdc 6

Row 27 [RS]: (White) hdc 7 , (Green) hdc 4 , Blue, (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 6 , Green, (Blue)hdc 2 , (Green) hdc 8 , (Blue) hdc 2 , (White) hdc 7

Row 28 [WS]: (White) hdc 8 , (Green) hdc 11 , (Blue) hdc 10 , (Green) hdc 3 , (White) hdc 8

Row 29 [RS]: (White) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 3 , (Blue) hdc 9 , (Green) hdc 2 , (Blue) hdc 5 , (Green) hdc 3 , (White) hdc 9

Row 30 [WS]: (White) hdc 10 , (Blue) hdc 9 , Green, (Blue) hdc 7 , (Green) hdc 2 , Blue, (White) hdc 10

Row 31 [RS]: (White) hdc 11 , (Blue) hdc 18 , (White) hdc 11

Row 32 [WS]: (White) hdc 13 , (Blue) hdc 14 , (White) hdc 13

You’ll now be using White for the rest of the main piece, and can cut the blue and green strands of yarn.

Row 33-66: (White) hdc 40

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Straps (Make 2):

Using blue and green yarns together

R 1: ch 7, starting in second ch from hook, hdc 5

R 2-50: hdc 5

Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing.


Carry The World Crochet Reuseable Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern Sewing Up Sides

The first step of assembling is to sew up the sides of the bag. Fold the main piece of the bag with right sides together, and sew up each of the sides.

Carry The World Crochet Reuseable Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern Sewing Straps On

Once you’ve sewn up the sides, it’s time to sew on the straps. Position the bottoms of the straps on the outside of the bag as pictured, about 3 rows down from the top. Then sew the bottoms of the straps on. Repeat for the second strap that goes on the back of the bag.

Carry The World Re-useable Crochet Market Bag Free Crochet Pattern by ECLAIREMAKERY.COM

Congrats on finishing your new crochet re-useable market bag! I’m so excited to start carrying mine around where ever I go. I might even use it as a new project bag! If you share your finished bag on social media, be sure to tag me @eclairemakery and use the hashtag #eclairemakery with all of your makes. I’d love to share yours! Now let’s go out and help the planet one re-useable crochet bag at a time.

Happy stitching,



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