Bobble Fingerless Gloves: Free Crochet Glove Pattern

Bobble Fingerless Gloves: Free Crochet Glove Pattern

Do your hands get cold, but you still need to do work and can’t cover them up? Well, if your hands are anything like mine and get super cold, then these Bobble Fingerless Gloves are the answer! This free crochet fingerless glove pattern is cute, stylish, and fuctional. The bulky yarn keeps your hands nice and warm while still allowing your fingers about to move about freely! Don’t want the bobbles? No problem! Leave them off or have them and you can make a pair for the whole family.


My hands always seem to be cold. If I wash my hands, they’re cold. Go outside, cold. No matter what I do they can’t help but get cold. Thankfully my husband’s hands are always warm and can warm them right up. However, when he’s not around I need something nice and toasty to keep them warm. Since I do so much computer work though, whatever I crocheted had to have open fingers so I could type. The goal behind this design was to be functional and warm, and so the Bobble Fingerless Gloves were born.

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Like socks, crochet gloves and mittens have always intimidated me. There’s something about making something for my hands and feet that has always made me nervous. I know they can throw off a lot of other people too, so I wanted to design a pattern that was simple, quick, and beginner friendly. These fingerless gloves start out being worked flat in a rectangle. They are then seamed up along the edge to form the thumb hole, and create the final product of the finished glove. If you’re new to making fingerless gloves, then this is the pattern you need! There’s also a video tutorial available on my Youtube channel that walks you through each step of making these. You’ll be a fingerless glove pro in no time at all. You can find all 3 of the pattern sizes (small, medium, and large) available in the discounted ad free PDF!


Because I wanted to make sure that my hands would stay warm in these gloves, I decided to use a bulky weight yarn. I chose one of my favorites, Lion Brand Color Made Easy. This weight 5 bulky yarn is one of the softest acrylic bulky yarns out there, and comes in such a great selection of colors. By using bulky yarn, you’re able to make a bunch of these pairs of fingerless gloves in no time! If you don’t have access to Lion Brand Color Made Easy, I recommend using another bulky weight yarn like Bernat Softee Chunky. Color Made Easy is still my favorite pick out of the two, but the Bernat option is a great alternative.


  • Small = 7-8″ long hand (available for FREE here on this post)
  • Medium = 8.5-9″ long hand (available in the ad free pdf)
  • Large = 9.5-10″ long hand (available in the ad free pdf)


  • Lion Brand Color Made Easy (Weight 5 Bulky Weight Yarn)
    • Main color 50 yards
    • Contrast Color 50 yards
  • Size 7mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Marker


  • MC = Main Color
  • CC = Contrast Color
  • St = stitch
  • Hdc = half double crochet
  • bobble = bobble stitch (*yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops,* repeat till you have six loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull yarn through all 6)

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern is made using US crochet terminology.
  • Want to avoid crochet mistakes while crocheting this pattern? Learn how to avoid them with my blog post: 10 Mistakes Common Mistakes Crocheters Make and How to Avoid Them.
  • This pattern is worked flat in rows, and then seamed up to create the final glove.
  • The pattern comes in 3 sizes: adult small, medium, and large. The small size is available for FREE here in this post, and the other two sizes are available in the ad free pdf. You can find all three sizes available in my Etsy store in the discounted ad free pdf or in the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts Pattern Bundle.
  • Ch 2 does not count as a stitch.
  • I recommend reading through the pattern completely before beginning just to make sure that you understand everything in the pattern.

Bobble Fingerless Gloves Video Tutorial:

Bobble Fingerless Glove Pattern Size Small:

Starting with MC. If you would like the other sizes, grab a copy of the discounted ad free pdf.

Row 1: Ch 22, starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc 20

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, *hdc 1, bobble, repeat from * 9 more times

Row 3: Ch 2, turn, hdc 20

Rows 4-5: repeat rows 2-3

Switch to CC, and fasten off MC.

Rows 6-11: Ch 2, turn, hdc 20

Switch to MC, and fasten off CC.

Row 12: Ch 2, turn, hdc 20

Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing.

Fold glove piece in half to bring both short sides together. Starting from the top, seam down side of glove about 4 rows, and then weave yarn through the inside of the glove to bring it to the cuff part. Seam up rest of glove and fasten off. You’ll now have a finished glove that includes a spot for your thumb.

Now you’re all done with your gloves! I hope you and your loved ones stay nice and cozy with these Bobble Fingerless Gloves! If you make a pair of your own, be sure to tag me on Instagram @eclairemakery and use the hashtag #eclairemakery. I’d love to share your projects!

Happy stitching,


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