2020 C2C Mystery Quilt Crochet Along

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2020 C2C Mystery Quilt Crochet Along

Want to be a part of a fun crochet event that will last the whole year? Join in on the 2020 Mystery C2C Quilt Crochet Along! Together we’ll make a beautiful crochet quilt inspired by classic quilt squares. You can make this pattern as a patchwork crochet quilt, or as a crochet temperature blanket to keep track of the temperatures throughout the whole year. It’s going to be so much fun!


The Project

The basis for this crochet along started with me wanting to make a temperature blanket. I loved the idea of tracking the temperatures of each day, and getting to express those through different yarn colors. However, I know me. I have a hard time keeping consistent with year long projects. Are you the same? If you are, then this was designed for you!

I set out to create a year long blanket project where it wouldn’t require a huge amount of crocheting to record the month’s temperature. C2C (corner to corner) crochet is the perfect crochet technique to use for it! You can have just a couple tiny squares represent a day, so you don’t have to do very much. So for all of us who have a hard time with committing to this type of project, we can do it together!

Before I designed the pattern, I wanted to make sure that all of the blocks for it would have a cohesive theme. The chosen theme: classic quilt blocks! I love the look of vintage classic quilts, and I think it would make such a special blanket to have a whole project inspired by them. I think you’re going to love what I have planned!


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Two different pattern options

The mystery quilt will be available in two different options! The first option is doing each block for a temperature blanket. There will be a main for the background, and then a quilt motif. I will be providing a chart that you’ll be able to color in and record the different temperatures for each month. That way it can be customized to you!

Don’t want to make a temperature blanket? No problem! I’ve designed this pattern to also come in a normal patchwork version, so that you get the same quilt effect with a set pattern. So if you want to have it be a normal quilt you can make this, and if you want a temperature blanket you’ll be able to make that as well!


What is a crochet along?

You might be wondering, what is a crochet along? A crochet along or CAL, is an event where we get to crochet a project together as parts of the pattern are revealed through out the event. What’s the best part about it? We get to share our progress, see all of our beautiful projects, and chat about crocheting!

I like to keep the structure of my crochet alongs very casual. I’ll be revealing each of the blocks for the quilt at the end of month, and making them available for free here on my blog. All of the fun perks of this CAL are available for free in my Facebook group. I’ll be hosting giveaways for patterns, crochet hooks, and yarn for those who participate in the CAL! All you’ll have to do is be a part of my group and share your project to enter. The best places to keep updated with all of the free patterns is my Facebook page, Facebook group, or my newsletter.


The Yarn

This CAL and pattern are all made possible by my friends at We Crochet! They provided the wonderful Swish DK yarn that I used for this design, and it makes the coziest blanket squares. It’s a weight 3 super wash merino wool yarn, that has just the right amount of drape. The best part is that it comes in worsted weight to if you’d rather use that!

If you’re making a temperature blanket you’ll be choosing different colors to represent different temperature ranges. I’ll have all of the info about how to choose colors and keep track of temperatures in a blog post posted on March 29! You can use yarn from you stash, or get some new yarn. If you’re making the patchwork quilt version, this blanket is a great way to use up scrap yarn!


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The details:

  • Buy the complete discounted PDF mystery quilt pattern on Etsy or Ravelry with all 12 blocks! You won’t have to wait each month to have each block revealed!
  • The CAL starts on Monday, March 30. (The pattern release has been delayed a day or two due to my website issues, and having to dedicate my day to that. I will hopefully have the full pattern released soon, the first C2C tutorial on March 31, and the first FREE block for January released on April 1.)
  • The first week of the CAL will have C2C crochet tutorials released, so that if you’re new to C2C you’ll be able to learn it super quickly!
  • The first two blocks, for January and February will be revealed during the first week, and the March block revealed on April 1.
  • The block pattern for a specific month, will release at the end of that month, that way you’ll be able to work on the whole block at once. If having it released at the beginning of the month is preferred more, then I might change that to fit people’s schedules better.
  • Each block will also include a video tutorial on how to make it.
  • Each block measures 14″ x 14″. When the finished blocks are sewn together, they’ll create an afghan that measures approximately, 42″ x 56″. 
  • If you want to have all of the block patterns at once, there will be a PDF version available in my Etsy and Ravelry stores releasing on March 30 that will have all of the blocks in it!
  • During this CAL, I’ll be hosting a lot of fun things in my Facebook group for those who are participating. We’ll be having sharing posts of our squares, giveaways, and more! Be sure to join my Facebook group so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
  • To make sure you don’t miss any of my tutorial and announcement videos for this crochet along, subscribe to my Youtube channel!


  • I used We Crochet’s Swish DK yarn, which is one of the coziest and softest ones I’ve worked with! I chose 8 different colors for my temperature blanket along with a background color.
  • You can also use any DK weight or worsted weight yarn to make this!
  • Size I 5.5.mm crochet hook (Shop my favorite crochet hooks from Furls Crochet!)
  • Scissors




  • Buy the complete discounted PDF mystery quilt pattern on Etsy or Ravelry with all 12 blocks! You won’t have to wait each month to have each block revealed!

Check back here at this post for all of the latest info, tutorials, and block patterns for this crochet along! I can’t wait to see the gorgeous blanket you are going to make!

Free Block Graphs:

Below you will find all of the free block graphs for the C2C mystery quilt pattern. For printable + written versions of the charts, you can find them in the full PDF pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.

January Block:

February Block:

March Block:

April Block:

May Block:

June Block:

July Block:

August Block:

September Block:

October Block:

November Block:

December Block: